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"The 3 day intensive for me was a cathartic experience. I walked into the intensive just coming from a very difficult break-up that is still very much on my mind. I had no idea what to expect upon arrival, but I was immediately put at ease by Dr. Magness. I felt a great relief after being able to completely clean out my closet of lies and get everything out on the table. All of the homework assignments kept me busy and really got me actively involved of thinking about the steps that had led me to my addiction and my ...

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Stop Sex Addiction offers real hope, true freedom for you and your partner!

The crisis that caused you to consider buying this book is a true gift. In the middle of your present pain you may not see it as a gift. But as you take this recovery journey, you can get your life back. This journey is an odyssey. You need to recognize at the outset that this is not a quick trip. It is an expedition that lasts a lifetime. 

This book is about hope and ultimately, freedom. Problematic sexual behavior, or sex addiction, is often difficult to face. Sex addiction results in countless negative consequences and hurts many people; marriages and careers are destroyed by it. There is hope because sex addiction is treatable. Through hard work and a rigorous recovery program, it is possible for you to stop all of your destructive behavior forever, and for marriage and other relationships to be restored. The recovery road is long and difficult but also very rewarding.

Significant things to keep in mind about Stop Sex Addiction:
  • Stop Sex Addiction is a guidebook giving you and your partner a thorough understanding of this insidious form of addiction and most importantly, a way forward in your life and your relationship
  • More than 100 partners of sex addicts contributed their experiences that served to both help and hinder their healing and the restoration of trust in the relationship
  • We have created an online video course for partners called "i Must Heal" with 30 videos that goes hand in glove with this book
  • We have included full information about the Hope & Freedom Treatment Model
  • Also included are sections addressing issues specific to the sex addict, some oriented towards the partner and others are focused on the couple
  • The material you'll find in Stop Sex Addiction presents the recovery process in detail, breaking it down into phases and guiding you through the process
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what others have said about "Stop Sex Addiction"

“The most comprehensive text since Out of the Shadows. A must-read for every sex addict, their partner, and their family. Each page instills hope for those struggling with sexual addiction, while not minimizing the pain involved in the process. It will help newcomers and old-timers alike.”

Author of In the Shadows of the Net and Cybersex Unhooked

“Writing from a wealth of experience, Milton Magness has written a superb book to both partners in a relationship impacted by sex addiction. He clearly grasps the depth and breadth of the problem, doesn’t minimize the profound impact, and at the same time offers the reader hope. The addicted person and his or her partner will both feel understood, supported, and validated. Without detracting from the reader who is personally affected, Magness also offers clinical direction to the treatment professional. You feel him speaking to the readers and know he is championing them in their journey.”

Author of Intimate Treason and Deceived

“I’ve worked with many women who, along with their partner, have done a weekend intensive with Dr. Magness, and I consistently see these marriages having higher success rates than the ones that don’t utilize his services. I’m delighted that now, between the covers of this book, many more couples and individuals will be able to take advantage of his wisdom, experience, and guidance as they grapple with sexual addiction in their lives and marriages. This is a must-read for anyone who falls into that painful category, and for everyone who seeks to help others dealing with this issue in their lives. I often tell people this is the only book they really need to read if they want to know about sexual addiction. It is the best ‘bible’ on the subject.”

Coauthor of Your Sexually Addicted Spouse and author of Living with Your Husband’s Secret Wars

“This book is a very helpful tool for therapists and for people who are either having challenges with sexual addiction or have partners or friends who have that pain in their lives caused by relationships with sexual addicts. It is a very balanced, hopeful, clinically sound resource and gives very specific guidance as a map for holistic spiritual growth. We recommend this book to our patients at PCS. Dr. Milton Magness invites us into his therapy world with this book.”

Author of The Pornography Trap, Lonely All the Time

“In his new book, Dr. Magness expertly navigates the complexities of sexual addiction, while simultaneously making the reality of this intimacy disorder understandable for individuals who suffer, partners who love them, and those in the clinical community who are trying to help. This is currently the most thorough resource available for those of us concerned about the reality of sexual addiction. A must-read!”

Author of Ready to Heal
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