sex addiction therapists

New York Pathways offers treatment for sexual addiction in Manhattan and Rhinebeck. The treatment model of New York Pathways is a holistic, three-fold approach with education, individual therapy, and group therapy intertwined throughout treatment.

The Center for Healthy Sex, located in Los Angeles, treats a broad spectrum of sexual disorders including; sex addiction, low sexual desire and sexual dysfunction.  

Ms. Hall, with offices in New York City and East Hampton, NY is a psychotherapist specializing in addiction, especially sexual addiction and sexual compulsive behavior. 

Bluffview Counseling is comprised of a group of Dallas area therapists specializing in working with individuals and couples struggling with sexual addiction and compulsivity.

Ms. Grant offers therapy and treatment for Sexual Compulsivity and Co-dependence in West Los Angeles.

Psychological Counseling Services offers intensive out-patient treatment provider.   

Dr. Schneider is a physician, author and addiction specialist. 

Dr. McCall is a Psychologist in the Washington D. C. area. 

Mr. Davidson is a therapist with multiple locations in Oregon. 

Compulsion Solutions founder George Collins, MA provides help and support to those suffering from sex and porn addiction in Northern California.

Redeeming Stories founder Phil Prothero, MA, MDIV, Everett Washington therapist provides relationship counseling for men and women experiencing porn and sex addiction. 

Ms. Vermeire is a Los Angeles area therapist specializing in chemical dependency, codependency, problems of desire and intimacy, and sex addiction. 
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