the sustaining phase of your sex addiction recovery

"It was a gut-wrenching, exhausting experience that was necessary to start the healing process for me personally and hopefully for my marriage. I have the tools and information to begin recovery. I am thankful to have the truth so that I can process and heal from the trauma that has happened to me ... Thank you Dr. Magness for putting together an amazing program where we can begin to heal separately and as a couple."  GN, Virginia

sustaining phase

The following applies to the Sustaining Phase of your recovery from sex addiction:

Begins 18 months to three (3) years into recovery and lasts one (1) year or more    

You are in the Sustaining Phase of your recovery from sex addiction if you:
  • Have made a disclosure of your acting out behaviors to your relationship partner
  • Are successfully living “slip free” with unbroken sobriety of at least six months, and 
  • Your partner is actively working his or her own recovery 
Focus of therapy for individuals:
  • Completing the “basic tasks” of your recovery 
Focus of therapy for couples:
  • Learning and practicing healthy sexuality with your partner 

recovery is so much more than sobriety!

recovery means:

  • New boundaries
  • New traffic patterns
  • New friends
  • New behaviors
  • New time management skills
  • New life

it also means an end to:

  • Isolation
  • Narcissism (admittedly this is probably a work in progress)
  • Self-loathing
  • And many other things
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