the stability phase of your sex addiction recovery

"I want to take a moment to personally thank you for assisting with the most difficult task of my life so far. I truly never believed that my integrity would ever be restored. I had resigned myself to the fact that "I just didn't have it in me" to do what was necessary. While it has also proven to be the most painful experience of my 30 years of marriage, I also think it was the only hope we have of restoring a healthy relationship. We are far from out of the woods thus far but at least we have a ...

stability phase

The following applies to the Stability Phase of your recovery from sex addiction:

Begins from six [6] months to two (2) years into your recovery and lasts for one (1) year or more
You are in the Stability Phase of your recovery from sex addiction if you:
  • Have established sobriety
  • Have good recovery routines established, including regular attendance at “S” type 12-step groups 
  • Are actively working with a sponsor 
Focus of therapy for individuals:
  • Making your recovery routines life-long habits 
  • Preventing relapse
Focus of therapy for couples:
  • Enhancing communication between yourself and your partner  
  • Learning conflict resolution skills

recovery is so much more than sobriety!

recovery means:

  • New boundaries
  • New traffic patterns
  • New friends
  • New behaviors
  • New time management skills
  • New life

it also means an end to:

  • Isolation
  • Narcissism (admittedly this is probably a work in progress)
  • Self-loathing
  • And many other things
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