the stability phase of your sex addiction recovery

"For us the Three-Day Intensive was powerful, meaningful, helpful, exhausting, and full of lessons to carry with us on this journey. The intensive was a good way for us to really take a look at our marriage, not just since the [sex addiction], but our entire marriage. Even though it was a very stressful three days, it was a great way for us to spend three days totally connected to each other and nothing else.  You have a great thing going with your practice to help couples like us get through the ...

stability phase

The following applies to the Stability Phase of your recovery from sex addiction:

Begins from six [6] months to two (2) years into your recovery and lasts for one (1) year or more
You are in the Stability Phase of your recovery from sex addiction if you:
  • Have established sobriety
  • Have good recovery routines established, including regular attendance at “S” type 12-step groups 
  • Are actively working with a sponsor 
Focus of therapy for individuals:
  • Making your recovery routines life-long habits 
  • Preventing relapse
Focus of therapy for couples:
  • Enhancing communication between yourself and your partner  
  • Learning conflict resolution skills

recovery is so much more than sobriety!

recovery means:

  • New boundaries
  • New traffic patterns
  • New friends
  • New behaviors
  • New time management skills
  • New life

it also means an end to:

  • Isolation
  • Narcissism (admittedly this is probably a work in progress)
  • Self-loathing
  • And many other things
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