the freedom phase of your sex addiction recovery

"The three day intensive was exceptionally good, very healing, and very necessary. I don't know where we would be without it. We loved it, and benefited from it tremendously. It was terrific and very effective. Thanks for all your help."  SF, Virginia

freedom phase

The Freedom, or Maintenance Phase of your sex addiction recovery is momentous! The following applies to this phase:

You have reached this phase having been in recovery for 2½ years or more, spending the first six (6) to 12 months in this phase actively working recovery. 

Ultimately, you will move out of therapy or use therapy sporadically to address specific concerns, work on “rough spots” in your relationship, or do periodic recovery check-ups. 

You are in the Freedom (Maintenance) Phase of your recovery from sex addiction if you:
  • Have at least one (1) year of unbroken sobriety
  • Are living a balanced, growing life 
  • Have reached the point in which acting out has become more of a memory than a present temptation
Focus of therapy for individuals:
  • Refining and refocusing your recovery routine
  • Learning to balance recovery activities with other areas of life
Focus of therapy for couples:
  • Expanding skills learned earlier (i.e., communication, boundaries, healthy sexuality)

recovery is so much more than sobriety!

recovery means:

  • New boundaries
  • New traffic patterns
  • New friends
  • New behaviors
  • New time management skills
  • New life

it also means an end to:

  • Isolation
  • Narcissism (admittedly this is probably a work in progress)
  • Self-loathing
  • And many other things
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