three-day sex addiction intensives

"My wife and I feel like we experienced a weekend nothing short of a miracle. We are still both processing a lot, it’s all so fresh. I’m expecting the ups and downs in the future which make me tense. But, it’s the TRUTH! I still cannot get over the idea that my wife knows every secret I’ve ever held close. Also, I’m just looking at my wife like never before; with love that words cannot explain." JB, Texas

sex addiction intensives for men & couples

Are you tired of your compulsive sexual behavior? Have you tried to stop many times before and been unsuccessful? Have your lies and addictive behavior damaged your relationship to the point where you wonder if it will survive?

If you are not pleased with your own efforts to stop your compulsive sexual behavior, we invite you to consider our Three-Day Sex Addiction Intensives where you may finally experience the recovery you have been seeking. Compulsive sexual behavior does not have to rule your life anymore! You can stop your destructive behavior, regain your integrity, put an end to the Jekyll/Hyde life that is destroying everything you count precious.

Hope & Freedom offers numerous Three-Day Intensives, tailored to your specific recovery needs.  The following Intensives are offered through Hope & Freedom Counseling Services at our offices in Houston or in the heart of the Canadian Rockies near Banff, Alberta.  

  • Sex Addiction Recovery Foundation Intensive for Couples
  • Sex Addiction Restoration Intensive for Couples
  • Trauma Survivors Intensive for Couples
  • Couples Communication Intensive
  • Recovery Foundation Sex Addiction Intensive for Men
  • Restoration Foundation Sex Addiction Intensive for Men
  • Trauma Survivors Intensive for Men
  • Step-Down Sex Addiction Intensive for Men
Celebrity Sex Addiction Intensive

three-day intensive application

how a sex addiction intensive can put
you on the road to recovery

Three-Day Intensives are not for everyone and they are not a three-day cure. There is no such thing. They are designed to be three days of hard work that will help you get to the root of your addiction, strip away barriers to recovery, and put your life and relationship on the road to recovery. These three days of concentrated and demanding work address issues that may otherwise take a year or more of therapy for equivalent results.

This program is very rigorous. In fact, it may be the most rigorous short-term treatment program of its kind. We are very selective in accepting couples into this program because we want to make sure a Three-Day Intensive is the appropriate treatment choice.

If you are looking for an easy fix to a problem that you have developed over many years, keep looking. This program is not for you. We work only with highly motivated individuals and couples who are ready to do whatever is necessary to put an end to all acting out behaviors once-and-for-all and engage in the difficult but rewarding process of rebuilding their relationship.

Intensives allow you to do the equivalent of several months (up to the equivalent of six months) of therapy in a three-day period. Intensives also allow you to get started in recovery with a maximum of anonymity, traveling to Houston and staying in a hotel near Hope & Freedom to do your recovery work in complete privacy, minimizing disruptions to job and family.

Intensives consist of a combination of individual sessions and couple’s sessions. We have sessions each morning and each afternoon. Assignments are given to work on each evening. Additionally, there are mandatory 12-step meetings for you to attend each evening. As the name implies, the three days you spend at Hope & Freedom will be intense. 

Most importantly, the focus of these Intensives will be on equipping you with the tools you need to develop new thought and behavior patterns to counter what is often a long-standing pattern of addictive dysfunctional behavior. Many of our clients are able to stop all compulsive and addictive sexual behaviors permanently. This is our goal and we will do everything in our power to help you achieve that goal.

Secondly, the focus of Intensives is to lead you as a couple in a process that can ultimately lead to restoration of trust in the relationship.

your next step to recovery

We only have a limited number of spaces available for intensives. To be considered for an Intensive you must complete an application by clicking on the button below. Completing this application does not obligate you in any way. It does help us determine if an Intensive is right for you.

If you are married, we will only consider you for an Intensive if you come and work as a couple. A major focus of our work is on seeing relationships restored. We cannot do that unless we have both partners present.

Please ask your partner to complete an application after you have finished. Once we receive both applications we will set up a teleconference where Dr. Magness will personally review your applications, take you step-by-step through a Three-Day Intensive schedule, answer your questions, and then conduct your screening interview. 

You will be notified as to whether or not your applications have been approved by the end of that teleconference.

other Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioners (CHFPs)

Are you looking for a Three-Day Intensive closer to home? Hope & Freedom recognizes the need for highly qualified therapists specializing in sex addiction and trains and certifies a limited number of licensed therapists each year, enabling us to provide a broader reach of qualified practitioners. The therapists who have obtained the Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioner (CHFP) designation have distinguished themselves as outstanding clinicians. Please visit our Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioner page for more information.
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