success stories from Hope & Freedom clients

"It was an incredible experience, made me see clearly most of the things that were going on in my marriage, help[ed] me to understand my husband and myself and mostly that we are both with a disease and we are going to come out of this only if we work hard every day on it. The intensive helped me to see the truth (disclosure) to recognize the present (anger letter) to see with hope the future (tools). All of these things were always supported by Dr. Magness’ professional help." SB, Brazil
"Without you, my life, my job and my couple would have all fallen apart. Now I am living a wonderful life, have a nice job, still have the same wife, and I control my life. All this 5 years after my Intensive. Thank you very much for your help and support."
AP, Canada

"The intensive was an exhausting but great experience for me. The disclosure was the hardest - the shock of the things that had occurred and the relief to be able to feel angry and also realize that it was indeed as deep of a problem that it always felt to me.  I have never felt so protected and safe as I did with Dr. Magness there to give amazing support and wise counsel and to let it be ok to have boundaries and expectations of recovery. I don't have words to express ... Read More
SB, Canada
"For once we were in a controlled environment that considered all aspects of human nature: body, soul, and mind. Although we had made progress with our new Christian counselor, the Intensive provided a focused effort and helped me to see so much progress in both [my husband] and I in a short (but exhausting) amount of time. It gave us hope and concrete tools to work through this crisis. It sort of gave me permission to love my husband again—this was ... Read More
PL, Canada
"It was a reunion with myself, with [my wife], and with my couple. It was tools I was coming to buy to build my couple on a solid base. It was a relief as well. It was a roller coaster of emotion. It was hope for us. It was getting help from someone who knows what he is talking about ... Thank you."  AP, Canada

"It was a difficult but a wonderful journey. We were living this crisis without any tools ... and now we have tools to deal with the situation ... So the intensive was amazing for us, for our couple. I feel that this intensive will bring us closer to each other than before. It helped (and will continue to help) us to communicate more and being a stronger couple. The intensive itself was a roller coaster of emotions that helped us to open more to each other.  Read More
KP, Canada
"I have never felt so tired and drained, with my emotions and wounds open. It also felt hopeful, that with work he could change and so could I. The cleaning of the secrets with bringing them out, couldn't be done without it.  Thank you for doing what no one else has been able to do, create a window for trust to rebuild. Without it being the intensive, so many hours over a short period of time, I do not believe we would have ever made it this far. The truth would have never been revealed either to me or to himself.  CS, Canada
"I had a breakthrough in rigorous honesty, I learned how to validate my partner's trauma and support her in her healing, we have a new set of tangible tools to help us build a strong foundation on which we can re-establish trust, I learned practical tools for dealing with intrusive thoughts and visual triggers. I truly cannot think of one moment of the Intensive that was not helpful. The Three-Day Intensive was exactly what the name says; intense. Read More
DM, Canada
"For me, the guided disclosure and polygraph (was most helpful). Without these two things, as difficult and challenging they were, I do not see how our marriage would survive. As I consider my new triggers/trauma, if there is no other alternative to addressing the trigger, I know there is another polygraph coming up and he knows he can't be deceptive! It really felt like a private workshop specifically tailoured to our needs as a couple ... Read More
TM, Canada
"I cannot fail to mention the manner in which you allowed/directed me to understand that my anger was covering fear. I am afraid of additional years of hurt. The hurt overwhelms me at times. It was good for me to fully realize what a trigger that is for me personally. Very importantly was the validation I received for that hurt when I was allowed to fully express it to [my husband]. It was freeing in so many ways. Read More
RN, England 
"The most helpful parts of the Intensive were the disclosure and polygraph. The validity to me for the understandable trauma. Honesty.  The Intensive was exhausting, mind blowing, incredible, amazing. I felt the immense relief that at long, long last, I was being taken seriously in my need for honesty. Without that, it wasn't possible for me to live a free life. The hope this has given me for my future is great. It took me out of 'victim' and gave me empowerment. Read More
KC, England 
"Most helpful for me was opening the door on complete honesty around my entire history on sex from an early age has given me an opportunity to feel a new freedom that I never considered was possible. It's brought a greater perspective on my recovery and brings a new sense of partnering with Karen that's unique and very special.  I can now understand why it's called hope and 'freedom'. I have for the first time in my life begun to ... Read More
HG, England
"Exhausting, life-changing, marriage-saving: a vital road map to beginning our recovery, so that in the end the exhaustion was secondary to everything that gave us back the air I needed to breath and the belief that we could survive. We would not be where we are today without it. I cannot recommend it more highly and would encourage any couple in our position to put aside everything in order to attend. Where ever you live in the world, Hope & Freedom ... Read More
"Most helpful? Difficult to highlight any one aspect as all really helpful. After the polygraph, the tension was released and the whole dynamics changed to one of repairing our relationship. If I really had to say what was the most useful, it would be the polygraph as at that point the repair started. Afterwards, how I was to behave and tasks to assist in the repair and dealing with [my wife’s] trauma were extremely useful. I also felt that you changed your ... Read More
RB, Englamd
"The three-day intensive was an emotionally demanding experience that brought us to the truth together and showed us how to leave the hell of sex addiction. The intensive drove at the core of the problem, found it, exposed it, then brought in the light of healing and hope. The session was brutal at times, but the result was like the removal an old, collapsing tree from the forest and allowing air and light to reach what was around it. It gave me hope and trust ...Read More
ES, The Netherlands
"I will forever be indebted to you for everything that you have done for me and also for [my wife] and our relationship and our family. I have never been more excited about our marriage and the incredible possibilities that lie in front of us."
JC, Norway

"What was the Three-Day Intensive experience like for me? One of the main things it did for me was to help me not be in denial of how this issue is affecting us. This made the experience very emotionally vulnerable. However, with the whole process of the intensive, it left me hopeful. The process gave me the insight and willingness to be honest about my own feelings to myself and to him."
PM, Slovakia

"It was incredibly intense, emotionally exhausting, but life-changing. It established a very good foundation to build recovery on. It's a painful process--uncovering hidden things and learning about oneself, but very necessary. It gave me the kick-start I needed on my journey of discovery and recovery. I am deeply grateful that God used you to put this course together. Looking at the timing of the unfolding of events in our story, I can only conclude that God lead us to you, just in time. Thank you Dr Magness!"  MS, South Africa
"The intensive experience was one of personal growth and being able to own up to my weakness. Fully understanding the pain I have brought upon my wife and that I alone am the cause, and that I am also the solution. I am in control of my own fate. I have been given the opportunity to renew my faith and tools to manage my addition. The whole process made me live though a great range of emotions from being knocked down to being lifted with hope." 
KA, Alabama
"Over all it met all my expectations. I had great hopes for the polygraph exam to happen. Because it allowed me to be honest and truthful to myself and especially to my wife. As Dr. Magness said after I passed the exam, that my trust bucket now has a bottom to it. It's up to me now to fill it up for my wife. You and the gentleman who gave me the polygraph exam did everything to ensure that I had a secure and safe place to go through this intensive 3 days. Read More
TM, Alaska
"The Three-Day Intensive was a start in my healing process. I was able to feel pain that I have held inside for a long time, and express it, and I was able to cry healing tears. While we have been working to reestablish trust in our marriage, we have a much stronger foundation now to continue to build that trust on. I feel hopeful that we can begin to build intimacy, and [my husband] will let me in and I can learn a whole lot more about who he is so that I can learn to love him again for who he is. Read More  BM, Alaska
"Exhausting, awesome, scary, relieving. Over all this has been one of the best times I have spent with [my wife]. Having her by my side through this was the most important thing to me. I can honestly say I was a bit worried about the whole process, but I am going to recommend this to everyone that wants to get on the straight and narrow. I know it is not for everyone, but the way I feel now is something better than I have felt in a very long time. I am truly looking forward to the years to come." JM, Arizona
"It was a wonderful experience. Very emotional, extremely exhausting (mostly emotionally), and very helpful in identifying my own personal recovery needs. It was also extremely enlightening for me [in] regard to my husband's recovery needs. In previous counseling experiences I have been left out of my husband's recovery completely. Being involved and understanding his recovery process helped me feel closer to him…. This was a turning point in my own journey."  
RM, Arizona
"[What helped me most was] understanding how the brain and chemicals in the brain work for addiction ... and normal people. [The Intensive was] very emotional and mentally draining but also helped me see my addiction from my wife's perspective, feel a spiritual renewal also, very anxious to come back and be sober for 3 months." 
LJ, Arkansas

"I'm looking forward to the 3 month check in. I see it like a random drug screen- with which I am well familiar. Once I figured out just how sick I was, those kept me safe from myself for 5 years. Once I was able to get it figured out, like training wheels, I can navigate through life without alcohol. When I finished my dental board probation period I heard of other guys who relapsed and they were tested in their offices immediately.  That's how I see the check ins. Read More
PC, Arkansas
Most helpful was having Dr Magness guide us gently through [the disclosure] and help me work through my emotions after it was over. Also, really liked the communication exercises that we will be doing at home.  [The Intensive was] like walking through fire. It had to be done. It was painful and heartbreaking and liberating. Thank you Dr Magness. Your compassion for women and the trauma they have endured was like getting water after dying of thirst.  Read More
CC, Arkansas
"It was the most emotionally exhausting but positive experience I've ever been through. At times I cried, I was angry, I was happy and in the end I left with a ray of hope that I did not come in with. Leaving his office I knew we had a great plan for recovery. Also, that our marriage has hope now that there is complete honesty.  Read More
DC, California
"Most helpful? The reworking of my disclosure to include everything. The SECOND polygraph! :) I also really liked getting tools to aid both my recovery and to aid [my wife] and my journey forward. The homework was helpful also as it helped me to put my recovery plan into words, and being required to do a 90 in 90.  Read More
TC, California   
"Dr. Magness makes the partner feel very safe, he's almost protective of the partner. He has so much experience and seems to genuinely enjoy his work. If you have to work through sex addiction, it's important that you have Dr. Magness in charge of your heart strings. The three day Intensive is well ... Intensive.  Read More
DL, California
"The intensive provided a safe and clinical environment for my wife to know the truth. What was it like? Intensive. I have never in life been this honest and transparent. Having experienced the intensive with my wife has solidified my sobriety at a deeper level! I do appreciate your dedication in providing these services to couples."
AP, California   
"You treated us with such respect and with the utmost of professionalism. You never minimized my emotional pain or any of my health diagnosis. Instead, you spoke honestly with me about them and you truly listened with your heart when I shared about how it feels to be me. That was very healing for me. I don't know how to express the hope I feel because I know you would not lie to me & give me false hope in the things you told me. Read More
SP, California
"It [the Intensive] was an extraordinary experience very draining emotionally and physically. It certainly affected a change in thinking and processing of information. I had a great impact from the teaching of Dr Magness, it was a great change from day 1 to day 3."
RG, California

"[The Intensive] was wonderful to be able to be open and unafraid and to be heard and understood. It felt like a very safe place where surgery on the heart could take place. To be able to have someone look underneath the cesspool of our life and flush it out in the open was painfully good. I did not want to leave and go back into the real world and try to figure out how to move forward alone. It was a very good experience for me.  Thank you for the work you do. It is a wonderful ministry and I will be forever grateful for being able to learn under you. Blessings to you Dr Magness."  
FD, California
"I basically felt like a piece of dirt the first day and half of the second. I didn't feel that I was getting any help until after I passed the polygraph test.  It was like a roller coaster of emotions. From the gut wrenching disclosure process, to seeing hope and possible healing in [my wife’s] eyes. It has been one of the most emotional times of my entire life. I think everything ran like a well oiled machine. I really didn't know what to expect going into the intensive but I want to thank you for helping to put our marriage back on the right course."
AM, California

"I walked in to the intensive convinced I was going to get the tools needed to stop being lazy, and really start working on the relationship as a unit. What I didn't realize was how much I was going to change! I thought that I had put a decent amount of thought into my disclosure, and by the end of the first day, I realized that I had put about the same amount of effort into my sexual history that I did in trying to remain sober for the last two months! Read More
MC, California
"For me, it will take time to discover the fullness of impact (positive) the disclosure has had on me and my relationship with God and [my wife]. That was the most helpful. The attention to [my wife’s] trauma and the immediate care was invaluable. Next to that the tools for immediate use to help me in this survival phase of recovery are very helpful. Now that we are home, the intimacy building tools are HUGELY valuable. Many great conversations ... Read More
RS, California     
"Firstly, the pastoral figure (not just a therapist) that I saw in front of me, walking us both through the road to our healing in a methodical step wise fashion. Secondly, the emphasis in this program on telling 100% truth, validated by a polygraph, as the foundation for building our relationship from such a low point. Thirdly, I did not understand how a program, can bring 6 months ahead in our recovery, particularly in our case where we had solid ... Read More
SG, California
"I don't think we could've done anything better with anyone any better! We desperately needed every minute and molecule of your time and input! Our expectations were overwhelmingly outdistanced by the effect and impact of the intensive. Neither of us felt it easy, but the "intensive" format was so preferred to a marathon weekly meeting vibe. It is good to get in, get deep and get going toward recovery. We both were strengthened and blessed by the ... Read More
RD, California
"The disclosure was the most difficult and the most helpful for me. Hearing [my husband’s] disclosure was so painful but it helped me put some pieces of my fractured puzzle together. I feel a little less crazy now that some of the details are put into place. I have always had a hard time approaching and talking to Jim about his addiction or "events" 1. because I was afraid and 2. because he would lie and shut me down so it was not worth it. I knew the truth ... Read More
MW, California
"Most helpful was being able to understand visually and emotionally that [my wife] is wounded and how to deal with it. Preparing beforehand the disclosure and knowing that there would be a polygraph. Knowing that [my wife] was being taken care of during the three days. Leaving with a recovery plan that was both individual and as a couple. For the first time in my life all my secrets are out in the open. It allows me to start with a clean slate. It recognizes ... Read More
"What was most helpful in the Intensive? You. Your ability to actively listen, your years of learning from all who have gone before us. The process you have developed has made a huge difference for us. Most importantly my feelings/my pain what all that I have been through is out in the open and I have a chance to heal with [my husband’s] help or without [it].
[The Intensive was] life changing. For the first time I have resources outside of Al-anon to help me ... Read More
NS, Connecticut
"It has been 15 months since our Three-Day Intensive. It was the beginning of my sobriety and healing between my wife and I. It was life changing and an incredible value. Priceless.Our relationship now is a lot better. We are slowly healing and gaining trust. I’ve been sober but I still have a lot of work to do in gaining back the trust of my wife. Our baby boy has added a lot of value and love."
GB, Florida

"[My husband] and I can’t thank you enough for the ministry of Hope & Freedom. Our counselor called us before we arrived home to ask if we would recommend Hope and Freedom for yet another couple who has landed in her office with the same pain, we said emphatically, yes."
DH, Florida

"The 3 day intensive for me was a cathartic experience. I walked into the intensive just coming from a very difficult break-up that is still very much on my mind. I had no idea what to expect upon arrival, but I was immediately put at ease by Dr. Magness. I felt a great relief after being able to completely clean out my closet of lies and get everything out on the table. All of the homework assignments kept me busy and really got me actively involved of ... Read More
MU, Florida
"It has been 3 years since the 3 day intensive that [my husband] and I went through with you. The experience was hell but also life changing. Though what [my partner] revealing I was not only able to become closer with him but also to recognize characteristic of SA in my father and other family members. That has been both eye opening and healing. The 3 days were full of intense emotions of anger sadness frustration loneliness disgust and hate.  Read More
BJ, Florida
"It was very helpful when Doc explained to me that I couldn't control what happened, it wasn't my fault, and I can't control his recovery....he has to want to do it. I found the whole experience of the intensive very instrumental and life changing. [The experience was] very overwhelming but very insightful!! This experience was life changing and possibly saved my marriage. Thank you! You have been a gift from God."
MB, Florida

"I left with a completely different outlook on life than when I got there. It was the most powerful and life changing thing I have ever been through. I feel as though you challenged every belief that I have and i'm SO GRATEFUL. The disclosure and polygraph had the greatest impact. Next to that I feel I received the most benefit from going to different meetings and seeing the desperation of so many ... Read More
CG, Florida
"I would highly recommend this intensive to couples struggling with sexual addiction. The level of expertise and professionalism combined with the genuine care and compassion that Dr. Magness provided was life changing. In 13 years of marriage we have never felt so free and so emotionally close as we do after the intensive. Read More
SS, Georgia

"As you know, we have been in counseling for five years prior to the Intensive, have had a disclosure (w/o polygraph) and have been doing a lot of these things unsuccessfully. A lot of the emotional abuse I have been suffering could have been eliminated if the first disclosure had been polygraphed. I believe [my husband] has an understanding now of the damage this has caused on my emotional ... Read More
BT, Georgia
"My initial reactions are typically more positive than true feelings and conclusions I've slowly processed. Knowing this, I purposely waited to fill out the evaluation. For me, the intensive was a great experience. As I mentioned above, I felt valued and heard. It was also an exhausting experience. I hadn't anticipated this level of emotional exhaustion. It has also uncovered some deep hurts I thought ... Read More
SF, Illinois
"It has been 28 months since our Three-Day Intensive. It was the most painful thing I've ever done but the most beneficial to my life and marriage. I know that it was the first time I had been completely honest with anyone including myself. It helped rebuild trust into our relationship with the follow-up polygraph exams. It also helped me experience the blessings of sobriety and begin to value myself again as a ... Read More
KF, Illinois
"It has been one year to the day (Wow! - that's ironic) since our Three-Day Intensive. The Three-Day Intensive was exactly what the name implies - intense! Dr. Magness only accepts clients that are 100% committed to their recovery, their relationship and his process. They were three of the hardest days of my life. With that said - I got see a side of my husband that he has never before revealed. Read More
GP, Indiana
[The Intensive] was revealing, eye opening, validating, answer giving, training. Difficult to see [my husband] miserably miss so many opportunities, but again this was revealing. I can't say thank you enough for your candid and honest evaluations. I feel it was worth every penny and all the effort to get there because I gained so much by attending. It really helped me to increase my level of acceptance in so ... Read More
AB, Kansas
"You have it named was intense! Just when I didn't think I could take much more, more was not added on...knowing when to stop is a dance you did well. Gaining truth is priceless to me and for our relationship. Having that truth backed up with a passed polygraph adds so much assurance after years of lies and two partial disclosures. The day of suggestions for our future was invaluable. Read More
MF, Kentucky
"Wow ... how do you describe such a life changing experience? It was like going to a theme park that was definitely not Disney World. There were the nerves of anticipating riding the roller coaster, being on the ride and being petrified during the event. Then the rush of the ride, knowing the truth and being validated by the truth. Then the shear exhaustion of spending a day doing ... Read More
JO, Kentucky
"I felt genuinely heard for the first time and [my husband] didn't feel threatened while he listened to me talk about my experience and my feelings about everything we have been through. We were given opportunities to express ourselves to each other that we likely would not have had without the intensive. Also, I was reluctant to attend 12 step meetings before the intensive ... Read More
MC, Kentucky
"What was most helpful? The insight and understanding of how to help my spouse to heal. The pointing out of things I was doing wrong and the different point of view in which to use when she is asking questions or angry. The first day and part of the 2nd day were intense and felt overwhelmed at times. Half way through the second day and the third day were helpful in learning how to move forward. Read More
BJ, Louisiana
"Surprisingly, I found the thing that I feared the most - the polygraph - to have been very helpful. I was overwhelmed by the recovery tasks that were presented. However, the worksheet makes it all manageable. I was terrified to do this. For someone who has protected himself through secrecy and lies, it was like standing naked on a street corner. There were high points and low points. Read More
RJ, Louisiana
"I had been waiting for 6 months to go with my husband to find out if he had told me the truth. So for me the intensive was a last effort to save our marriage. I knew it was not a miracle cure and that it was an intensive. I have to say it was more intense than I had expected, in a good way though. It brought me face to face with issues I had been grasping [at] for years and gave me a direction of how ... Read More
CN, Louisiana
"The disclosure and the Polygraph were the most helpful parts of the intensive as I felt that I finally had the whole truth. The support to me during the intensive helped me feel heard and safe. The availability of the books/videos on site, made it easier to obtain the necessary tools we needed to begin our healing and recovery. Everything was helpful. I don't think that I can say any particular part was not helpful. Read More
AJ, Louisiana
"The most helpful to me was the tools I learned that I could use to help me overcome my addiction. It helped me to see that I could not control my addiction that only with God and the tools I learn will help me stay in recovery. I think everything part of the intensive was very helpful to me.  It was the first time I was honest with the acting out with my addiction. It was very emotional to me but I feel it ... Read More
TI, Louisiana
"The 3 Day Intensive was an emotional roller coaster for me. I experienced highs and lows. The Tuesday disclosure was one of the hardest things I ever did in our 12 year marriage. The Wednesday polygraph test was nerve-racking to say the least. But the Thursday 30 Day Celibacy Contract was most telling as I really discovered my addiction and the need for therapy. I think our conversation about ... Read More
JF, Massachusetts
"The fact that we couldn't have any other distractions, like computer, TV, newspapers, cell phones etc. [was helpful]. I didn't realize how even though this issue has totally engulfed my life, I still had daily things to deal with and ways to distract myself from getting to the business of healing. Just being focused really helped me to begin to feel and get rid of some of the poison that was building up ... Read More
JR, Michigan
"The most helpful parts of the Intensive for me were: 
- Having you immediately available and present during disclosure and the polygraph.
- Having you answer my questions and explain simply what my spouse was experiencing and why.
- Having it happen using the intensive model so processing could immediately take place why feelings ... Read More
JV, Michigan
"I am so grateful for the work you do. The intensive was, and is, the most significant work [my husband] and I have done in our marriage, ever. Your work, your ‘gift’ and knowledge is really valuable. I'm not sure if i can even accurately describe my feelings other than to say a heartfelt Thank you!  [My husband] and I have learned so much, and so much has changed and so many ‘yucks’ are gone.  Read More
KD, Michigan
"[The Intensive] was intense, but the pace seemed manageable. I learned a lot about my husband and about myself. The first and second days were nerve wrecking but it was worth it to hear my husband's disclosure and find out that he passed the polygraph on the first attempt. The homework I did really helped me think through our situation, and feel my feelings. In 3 days we ... Read More
TF, Michigan
"I saw it like this: I traveled to the depths of hell, let myself feel the pain and horror of it all, and determined, for my sake and the sake of my children, that I would find a way to journey beyond this wound. A recovery path was offered to each of us, and we each determined to take it. If we stay on our respective paths, our lives will remain intertwined and we will strengthen and support each other ... Read More
RS, Michigan
"AMAZING!!! Your process is truly unbelievable. [My husband] & I are so blessed to have found you. I don't know how you did it/do it - but you somehow managed to support both of us on this journey. The daily followup (intimacy exercises) you recommended definitely works. I never would have imagined that such intense pain could bring such joy so quickly. Thank you! Thank you!  Read More
GP, Nevada
"This was life transforming for my marriage. I think that while we may not have had the level of severity in terms of our issues as some couples, I was at a point of feeling like we needed something dramatic to get us on track. Your program was certainly that! It was like rebooting a computer, scrubbing it and reinstalling the programs after being infected with a virus."
LG, Nevada
"[The Intensive was] emotionally and physically challenging. It allowed me for the first time in my 13 years of marriage to feel a sense of truthfulness from my husband. It gave me a sense of hope that freedom is possible from this addiction and that even if there was no help for the marriage that there was hope for mike. I felt empowered and validated because for the first time mike was taking full responsibility ... Read More
CK, Nevada
"Today is one year of sobriety for me. I wanted to send you a note to thank you for all you have done for [my wife] and I. I truly believe that attending your intensive was one of the most important and best things I have ever done in my life. It saved my life and my marriage. You gave me the tools and information that I could apply to my life to help me escape the bondage of this addiction. Read More
RS, New York
"Just like it is described, it was very intense. There was an extreme amount of emotions and work required. There was no rest. The first day was extremely hard doing the disclosure, the second day was hard with the polygraph but things started to change after the second day. By the third day I had a feeling of hope. I feel that this experience really laid a solid foundation to my recovery and ... Read More
RS, New York
"Absolutely the worst day of my life was hearing the disclosure. I've never felt anything that painful in my life. I also felt that I had a better understanding of the way [my husband’s] head was working. Not understanding how he could behave the way he did was making me crazy. I feel that the intensive was the best money we ever spent.  I can't imagine being in better hands during one ... Read More
CM, New York
"There is an obvious tearing down and then building up that was extremely effective. It brought me to the depth of my humanity and pain I caused [my wife]. It then brought me up to go forward as the man God truly called me to be. I also left with tools and a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in my addiction that caused such a disconnect from consequences.  Thank you Dr. Magness. Read More
BM, North Carolina
"The most helpful part of the Intensive was the 1:1 attention that Dr. Magness provided my wife and I. This allowed for each of us to truly feel the ability to share our emotions and how to appropriately handle those feeling when either away from the intensive or in a combined session. The dedicated nature of this intensive where you know that you have Dr. Magness' full time devotion and attention to ... Read More
JD, North Carolina
"[The Intensive was] intense, extremely emotional, and physically draining. This was the first time in our marriage that all the lies and deceit were finally out in the open, I felt a huge sense of relief knowing that everything was out. The 3 days with you was the catalyst to success we have had to date in our recovery. The post intensive recovery activities have been very important for us as we continue ... Read More
AK, North Carolina
"It has been 2 years and 3 months since we did our three-day intensive. The 3 day was extremely hard for me. As I had no idea how bad my husband’s addiction was. I had only learned of a small amount of what my husband was up to. The three-day intensive, especially the full disclosure put me on my knees. Only God can change this man I had married. The information I had learned made me feel ... Read More
JK, North Carolina
"It was super intense. A lot of things came out about my partner that I never thought was possible. For the first day and a half it was terrible, but the last half of the weekend was very helpful for me. I feel like we have been given tools that can help our marriage to actually make it…. I am so very grateful for the work that Dr. Magness does. It is a true blessing. Thank you so much!!"
AH, North Carolina
"I cannot thank you enough for the 3 days we spent with you in Houston. Although the revelations over the past 7 weeks and my acting out over the past 12 years of marriage have altered our lives permanently, it took 5 minutes after lunch on Friday for me to finally realize the consequences of my actions. I can only ever recall been called out on something once before by someone that had an influence ... Read More
PK, North Carolina
""I liked how we were together some and also individual as well. Was empowering for me to know that you had my back as well as [my husband’s]. I felt safe. What was it like? INTENSE! It was good to see [my husband] disconnect from the outside world and concentrate on what he has done. To actually hear me. That was great. Then to have the polygraph. So helpful. Read More
HG, North Carolina
"Dr. Magness, there are no words to thank you for what you have done for us. Thank you for letting God use you in such a BIG way. I can't begin to explain the devastation I first felt when I realized that [my husband] had a problem this big. All I knew to do was to pray and ask God for his guidance and then BOOM you fell into our laps via a website link. You have literally given us hope and freedom. Read More
TS, North Carolina
It was intense emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically but worth it. The full disclosure backed up by the polygraph was pivotal and freeing. To live in honesty for the first time likely ever is wonderful and yet at the same time it adds pain and trauma to [my wife]. I think that I have so lived a life of lies and deception that I really didn't know what was the truth anymore. I feel closer to [my wife] than ... Read More
TT, North Dakota
"The disclosure was disturbing and hurtful but most definitely necessary to rebuild trust. The whole experience gave me hope and tools to heal from this trauma. [My husband] and I reconnected emotionally on a very intimate level. I was able to talk about how I felt and be told it is normal to feel this way. I am so glad we came to the intensive. It has given us both hope and so many tools to heal and ... Read More
SH, Oklahoma
"I really feel you offer a unique and valuable approach to couples work in sexual addiction. Without the disclosure and lie detector, I would have left the experience, as I have in the past, lacking the confidence that we were on the right track. Also, I appreciate the clarity I now enjoy that I am on a path of personal recovery from the years of chaos in our marriage and have a plan for my future should ... Read More
JJ, Oklahoma
"My individual sessions were very good to talk things through and ask questions. Seeing the whole disclosure and polygraph process was very good to know how thorough it was done by you and the examiner. [That gave] me a platform of confidence. It was just hard because I saw the whole process for myself but others discount it and still believe all they want to believe ... it was helpful for all the exercises to be gone over like ... OK this is how you ...  Read More
PP, Pennsylvania
"Every aspect of the intensive was beneficial. I'm not sure there was anything that I did not find useful and beneficial. Initially it was intense, anxious and painful. The challenge by Dr. Magness that I "may not pass the polygraph" spurred me to have a deeper resolve and commitment to get all my secrets out. When I left I was worn out emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically but I had a profound sense of gratitude for the gift I had been given.  Read More
AP, Pennsylvania
"As we approach the 4 year anniversary of our intensive, I just wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for that time with you. [My wife] and I are doing very well. I am sober and happier than I have ever been in my entire life. I love my [twelve-step] home group. I am currently sponsoring 2 men. I have had up to 3, which my sponsor and I agree, is my limit at this time. Read More
BV, Pennsylvania
"These past two years have been the best years of my life and [my wife] and I are living in real intimacy: vulnerable and surrendering to each other, even through the ups and down of the recovery process. I am forever grateful to [my wife] finding you. You are the first therapist ever to keep me out of my story and other manipulations that kept the door to true recovery closed. You opened that door ... Read More
BV, Pennsylvania
"Dr. Magness is a good man and I really am glad there are men like him in the world that aren't afraid to invest in the lives of men and marriages dealing with sexual integrity issues. You get what you put into the intensive and the preparations are key as well. Make sure you fill out all the information to the best of your knowledge and be honest!"
JZ, Pennsylvania

"Tonight, [my husband] and I read over our original email to you asking if we could talk to you. We are forever grateful that you took the time to speak to us that same day. It has been two years since our intensive. Life is very good and we have so much to be grateful for. Thank you for being there for us when we were so desperate for help. We hope all is well with you and your family. Read More
VV, Pennsylvania
"It was critical for my husband and me to both be at our intensive weekend. I knew that I had been traumatized by my husband's acting out. I was hoping to be seen as a traumatized wife and the otherwise powerful, caring woman I believe I am in all other aspects of my life.  Dr. Magness was compassionate and caring towards me from the moment I entered his office. He understands the anger ... Read More
VV, Pennsylvania
"Aptly named, it was intense. Hard to remember what happened, on which day. It was life changing. And it gave us both hope that this could stop."
KC, Pennsylvania

"It was like having open heart surgery while fully awake and with no anesthetic. The process was necessary for any future quality of life, but it hurt like hell, will take a while to heal, and there are bound to be some scars. It was ultimately life-giving…. Thanks for using your experience, knowledge, and expertise to help save lives and marriages. We will forever be grateful to you!"
BH, Pennsylvania
"With everything out in the open I can concentrate on the future and my recovery. I don't need to hide and continue the lies.  Once the initial shock passed that we were going to do this and the surrendering that I HAD to do this and I had to except my consequences I could deal with the preparation. But the process does generate a lot of anxiety. As I stated I felt brief relief after the polygraph ... Read More
PN, Pennsylvania
"What I found most helpful was being told that I have been traumatized, coupled with it is not my fault. While other counselors have told me that it was not my fault, I always felt as though I was supposed to hear J was sorry and move on. I also basically felt as though other counselors looked at his sex addiction as his part in the problems in our marriage, and all the rest of our problems were mine. Read More
AG, Rhode Island
"I found the whole 3 days to be very helpful. Not sure if I would really have you change anything.  I felt I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I hope telling the truth does set me free. I feel like you have given me and my wife a plan to help bring us back together. You are the first therapist that has really given us a plan. I feel hopeful.  So far we have begun our aftercare and it seems to be helping. Looking forward to our follow up in October.  JG, Rhode Island
"Very painful seeing what my addiction has done and cost me and trauma to [my wife]. I wish I had had this experience 7 years ago the [two inpatient treatment centers where I was in treatment] did nothing to press me to get honest. Addicts don;t get honest unless there is nothing left.  Even if our marriage does not make it, I have been honest and will not take my lies and deception to my grave.  Read More
SB, South Carolina
As painful as the new information was to hear, the clinical disclosure was by far the most helpful. It really allowed me to see, for the first time in our 16 year marriage, our true relationship. Ironically, for the first time, I felt like I was really connected to my husband. I finally knew all the truths there were to be told. I finally saw the enemy I had been fighting for 16 addiction! Read More
KC, Tennessee
"Most helpful for me, as tough as it was, the disclosure and the polygraph. It was finally good to get everything out in the open. What was it like? It was just that. Intense. I felt like it did bring me and my wife closer. It finally gave us that foundation that we can build on. We still have a long ways to go, But I'm definitely glad we took the time to go to Houston. Read More
JC, Tennessee
"It was a safe environment. For the first time I felt I would get the entire truth and did. I felt cared for, sympathized with, and validated as to what I have lived through and with for 34 years and didn't even know most of the acting out. I felt I was the focus, and listened to, as well as my husband where I had not received this before. I had never been given praise for my work in which you gave me.  Read More
CD, Tennessee
"It basically was something that gave my wife and I something to use to really engage each other. We had really opened up recently but didn't really know what to do to help her heal along with my recovery. This gave us that. This intensive may be the real step to what saved our marriage. Even with everything that had happened we were doing really well, but this taught us how to have ... Read More
JB, Texas
"On the last day I felt as if you opened a road map for me, a clear one, just as I’d been asking from various therapists during these past two years, but never got. For myself, I am more hopeful I will find peace and be able to stop the craziness, be finally able to focus on "my side of the street", while having the “points” tool and the requirement from my husband to share that with me. Read More
AS, Texas
"This is hard because it was all so painful for me. I guess the last day and thinking about the future was most helpful. It was all helpful in a painful way. It was the most brutally painful experience of my life - it had to happen and I am very grateful for it. It was a defining marker where life will never be the same. I believe it was the beginning of a very, very slow healing process.  Read More
LH, Texas
"It was a lifetime experience where I released a lot of hidden information. It was very helpful for me personally."
LW, Texas

"I am celebrating 10 years of sobriety today! I could not have done it without you. Keep spreading hope and freedom. Merry Christmas!!!"
BW, Texas

"[The experience was] Intensive. I think it gave me a jump start on recovery and gave my wife and I a foundation on which to re-build our relationship. It was the most painful thing I have ever done because I faced my addiction and my wife with honesty. That makes it also the best thing I have ever done. Thank you for fitting us into your schedule on short notice."
EH, Texas
"Intense! Initially I was very fearful and anxious about what would unfold during the next three days, especially in anticipation of the disclosure and polygraph results. I felt very safe and supported, though, knowing the process was under Dr. Magness's experienced and professional guidance. And once we were past the disclosure and polygraph, I felt enormous relief. I left feeling that my husband and I made such progress towards ... Read More
NE, Texas
"The most beneficial part of the intensive was the conformation that the disclosure had been 100% true by a polygraph test being done. The other most beneficial part was learning all the different aftercare techniques to use daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. What was the Intensive like? Well it was exactly that, intense. It was extremely beneficial and 100% necessary in the recovery process for me after finding out I was married to a sex addict. Read More
JR, Texas
"The disclosure was very helpful for me. It enabled me to establish credibility with [my wife]. I think her letters were helpful go me to gain her perspective and attempt to act more appropriately when she is traumatized. The outlines of tools and protocols helped us immensely to set up our personal program. I was traumatized and renewed. I really appreciated the opportunity to deal with my addiction with [my wife]. I am looking forward to continue to work ... Read More
JE, Texas
"What helped me most were the tools that you gave to fight intrusive thoughts and other external triggers. The days we spent together made me start to focus on exactly how I was feeling instead of ignoring my feelings."
BE, Texas

"Day 1 - Disclosure and Day 2 - Polygraphs were extremely painful, stressful and eye opening. It allowed to be truthful with my spouse and myself. I felt there was no hope after coming clean. The carefully planned process then shifted to healing and facilitated a safe and comforting environment to start the healing process for my spouse and myself.  I definitely appreciated the structure and purpose of each section of the intensive. I am truly grateful ... Read More
RW, Texas
"It was helpful for me to understand that my hurt and pain as the partner was allowed to be the focus. Even going into the session, I still felt like my husband needed the focus to be on him and what drove him to his addiction, and there was a shift in my mentality that it was okay and even necessary for my feelings to take precedence and for me to have permission to get all the answers I wanted.  The polygraph and the detail you provided me about the polygraph process ... Read More
DW, Texas
"I appreciate Dr. Magness' validations and compassion for my pain. Dr. Magness, thank you again for fighting for me and for [my husband]."
JC, Texas

"The disclosure, while extremely trying and emotional, was very effective for us. It gave me a sense of trust and honesty with my spouse that I had not been able to have before. 
The experience of the Three-Day intensive was similar to a roller coaster. There were many ups and downs throughout our time spent with Dr. Magness, but I truly feel that we left with a sense of openness and understanding which we did not have before. Read More 
JT, Texas
"Dr. Magness tailored the entire intensive to fit our needs. In hindsight, I realize why we were given certain assignments or that our recovery plan is structured the way it is. I really appreciate the customization and him taking the time to find a solution that was catered to our needs. Very emotional. Dr. Magness said "put your seat belt on" as we were beginning. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. Read More
SH, Texas
"The most helpful was the most painful - the polygraph disclosure (as opposed to the written disclosure). It was your ability to know what [my wife] needed to know and could tolerate knowing. It was your certainty that I could not leave this intensive with anything but clean slate that was pure white. Therefore, it was your holding fast to getting the darkest of my secrets on the table ... Read More 
KM, Texas

"Our three-day intensive took place 2 years ago (give or take). You would think I would remember the date, because at that time I was deeply dreading the sessions. The thought of telling my wife EVERYTHING I had done, and then sitting through a polygraph was devastating. I am a world class sleeper, and I lost a lot of sleep prior to that appointment.  Read More
CR, Texas
"The most helpful part for me was having my husband come to the point where he understood the impact his acting out had had on his marriage, his family and his life and then for him to be willing to work to change. Everything played a role in this...the disclosure, the polygraph, being given the chance to read my statement, the individual counseling, and the tools on the last day. The homework and videos were ... Read More
WG, Texas
"The disclosure, the polygraph and the support from Dr. Magness to address the issues head on with my spouse without being manipulated by my spouse were paramount to beginning a path towards recovery. Dr. Magness' innate ability to allow the addict to discover for themselves the faults, lies and pain they have caused without forcing it upon the addict was very helpful.  Read More
TY, Texas
"The most helpful was the most painful - the polygraph disclosure (as opposed to the written disclosure). It was your ability to know what [my wife] needed to know and could tolerate knowing. It was your certainty that I could not leave this intensive with anything but clean slate that was pure white. Therefore, it was your holding fast to getting the darkest of my secrets on the table ... Read More 
KM, Texas
"Since the first day of the intensive I was brought to a wonderful group of women who have been my lifeline in the recovery process. For the first time ever I found myself in a room of people who understood me completely without me having to explain myself or my story from the start. They just understood. This has been the best part of my recovery because I do not feel so alone and ... Read More
SR, Texas
"The first time I read the Disclosure Writing Guidelines I thought to myself, "there is no way I can disclose everything this document requires to my wife!" After much resisting, procrastination and more resisting, I finally came to the realization that I needed to be accountable. Naturally, I thought the disclosure was for my wife, but what I discovered was that the disclosure was ... Read More
PY, Texas
"At first I didn’t want to go, even though I was the one to seek this out for my husband. I was so worried about what else I would find out, and so with all the emotions just to get to that point, I almost threw it all away because of my hurt and anger to my husband for bringing our marriage to this point. I am happy I did do it and I came out with a better understanding and felt good after it.  Read More
NT, Texas
"It has been a honeymoon since the intensive - what a wonderful feeling. It is obvious that God completely broke me in order to lay out the disclosure and pass the polygraph. It opened my heart and I have actually been able to share and become intimate with [my wife] and share all my thoughts and answer questions for the first time. The release of the baggage and embarrassing addictive ... Read More
ES, Texas
"The disclosure/polygraph made it possible for us to move forward. Without those portions, everything else would have been futile. The…exercises were exceptionally helpful to us. [The Intensive was] grueling but effective. I was surprised at how personally appropriate every portion of the Intensive was for my husband and me. While exhausted, I came away with hope and a plan of recovery for our marriage.  Read More
AG, Texas
"It was Intense. The first two days were very heavy days. I felt a lot of stress but the second evening is when things started to come together for [my wife] and me.  What suggestions do you have for improving this program? I think the program is good as it is. Thank you for all your wisdom and understanding. I feel it has helped me and will continue to…help me all the rest of my days."
BG, Texas
"What was this experience like? Stressful going over the past in such detail and scrutiny. Helpful to get to point to move forward.  This changed my life in important ways to reveal how badly I had behaved and sinned. How badly I have treated my wife and how much of a problem I really have. It caused me to reflect and acknowledge my problems and the need to both work on them and ... Read More
PR, Texas
"Most helpful? Having a male understand the trauma that this addiction creates in a female spouse. That is a HUGE part in this intensive which is what I expected and was glad to see you not budge during his venting process. He is so used to others giving in and supporting him in everything he vents about. When I said you were a God send, I truly meant that! Men lean towards the issues as its all ... Read More
TG, Texas
"Here is what was most helpful about the Intensive. I would say the way it was presented step-by-step. The "in your face reality of what was going to happen" the tough love approach. The disclosure coming the first day so everything was out in the open. Talking to you about taking care of myself and ways to improve my marriage with [my husband]. Also, the polygraph does help you move forward ... Read More
BB, Texas
"[The Intensive was] an exhausting, emotional intense roller-coaster. You warned us there would be more and I still had hope I had heard it all. There was ALWAYS more. That, in itself, was a shock. You are kind and empathetic but also no-nonsense and firm. We both needed that. The program was organized and well done. Thank you for your help."
NW, Texas

"By far [the Intensive was] the most painful 3 days of my life. The most significant breakthrough is that I need recovery for me and the restoration of my relationship with God, independent of if [my wife] decides to stay with me or not."
DK, Texas

"It was extremely helpful to gain insights into the physiological and psychological aspects of sexual addiction. The knowledge and experience that Dr. Magness shares during the intensive is invaluable. Approximately one year ago, [my husband] wrote me a letter expressing regret for his behavior. He wrote "I don't fully understand what has been driving these aberrant behaviors. It seems like a combination of ... Read More
LR, Texas
"The 3 Day Intensive was one of the most powerful, rewarding experiences of my life. Having experienced the trauma and tragedy of Sexual Addiction on my life, and my marriage, and the family dynamics, I feel having such a wonderfully sensitive,caring, compassionate, but yet with such an understanding and knowledge of this subject, created an environment of trust that one could feel ... Read More
NN, Texas
"This was the most emotionally, even physically exhausting weeks of my life. I am so very thankful for it. We could have continued on with only traditional therapy and made progress. I believe the intensive will catapult our individual therapy forward and help us heal more completely. Thank you for your help!"
LK, Texas

"As painful as it was.... the disclosure and the "wait, there's more" was the most helpful. Though advised in advanced that I would learn more... was still utterly shocked by the additional activity that was disclosed. You were very helpful with the disclosure questions as I didn't think or really even know about some types of activities. It was all helpful because it lead to a good result.  Read More
PS, Texas
"It was a freeing process to let go of even issues with my thought life that I was never compelled to release before. It was painful to disclose and listen to and see the hurt in [my wife]. Also, it was a good experience to force me to remain present with [my wife] during the process and not being able to retreat and avoid. It was very exhausting."
MA, Texas

"EVERYTHING was immensely helpful! The separate sessions (with just me) were great because I felt safe to vent my feelings without fear of being judged or criticized. They gave me an opportunity to really be heard. I also loved the homework assignment of writing the 2 letters (angry and proud). Writing both of them was very difficult, but I now see the value of each … Read More
JN, Texas
"Dr. Magness: thank you again for spending three days with [my wife] and I. We are talking like we haven’t since we first met, albeit about far more serious issues. You were very hard on me Dr. Magness, but fair and you acted in my best interest (although it was hard for me to see at first), and with the intent to make me see the right path. For that, I am forever indebted. I realize that I have ... Read More
DP, Texas
"The parts of the Intensive that were most helpful for me were:
1. The tools provided for helping me with intrusive thoughts and visual threats was very helpful to me. 
2. The [processes for validating my wife] helped me to understand where my wife is in the process and how I can be a part of the healing process for her-very helpful.  Read More
TJ, Texas

"All of it together was incredibly helpful. Difficult as it was, the disclosure and polygraph were badly needed and very helpful. The polygraph operator was gentle and informative and really helped me relax somewhat. You demonstrated some wonderful people skills and your suggestions were a big help. I thank God for your dedication to the treatment of this illness.  Read More
BN, Texas
"For me the last day was the most helpful. I truly feel like I had broken through some deep issues and was able to communicate some feelings. That first one on one session in the morning on the last day was such a break through.
As painful as it was having [my husband] re-read his disclosure. When I first heard that I thought it was torture, but it actually was a great way for me ... Read More
SC, Texas
"Never would I have thought I would be able to leave after three days feeling hopeful. I felt cared for and a priority in the healing process. I felt heard and understood. It was exhausting mentally and physically. I left with usable tools that could be effective immediately. I appreciate the respect for my place in the struggle with faith/religion and that it was not a factor.  Read More
KK, Texas
"The Intensive was a safe place with a competent and caring therapist. It was intense, hurtful, and brought freedom. The added bonus of health tips was a blessing. Blessings, love, and long healthy life to you and yours."
PP, Texas

"[The Intensive was] draining, exhausting, scary, encouraging, educational—an affirmation that I am not crazy or sick myself - that was key. What you do is incredible, you should be very proud of your work, it is truly a gift. Thanks."
EN, Texas

"The process itself was very helpful. Leaving the 3 days with exercises to do daily and weekly gives me much. The daily intimate exercises especially are great I already see a depth in our relationship. The fact you charged [my husband] with the planning and initiation makes a huge difference. It has taken the pressure off me and shows how important this is to him. That is all part of building trust.  Read More
AF, Texas
"The Intensive was Life Changing and Marriage Saving. Dr. Magness practiced Tough Love when needed, and gentle kindness. He also gave us much needed time to process the new ideas he was challenging us with.   Thank you, thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING!  For the tough love, for the kindness and encouragement, and all of the great advice and counsel you give.[My wife] is healing ... Read More
MM, Texas
"The controlled environment for disclosure along with the polygraph plus the tools that we actually practiced were perfect. I believe that we left with an effective plan in place for me to be successful in my recovery. There were no parts that I do not perceive as beneficial.  [The Intensive was] difficult but ultimately satisfying. You get back what you put in - and I believe that it requires a true commitment to the process that began with your ... Read More
JF, Texas
"I felt like [the Intensive] was a life preserver and that there was light at the end of the tunnel. A place with help and support to finally be able to tell [my wife] the truth and to hopefully begin a new relationship based on no lies and deceptions. It was also a way to begin to come clean with myself.  We THANK YOU and BLESS you and your staff for the truly remarkable work and dedication. We are sure of the many prayers that abound.  Read More
LS, Texas
"The Three-Day intensive provided the time to work on our marriage without any interruptions from life. In the three days, we were able to start over to fully understand what happened, what we thought, how we felt, and where we should go from there. We left with a plan and without any major lingering, unresolved issues. We still have a long way to go, but we were affirmed that we are heading in the right direction. The effort that was put into ... Read More
AM, Texas
"I arrived terrified and in the dark about what to expect. I was given some comfort after working through the edits on the disclosure. The disclosure process was difficult but successful. I was surprised at my wife's response or lack there of to the disclosure. That evening was productive but I still felt uneasy. The polygraph was a scary experience. The examiner and yourself helped to calm my nerves to a manageable level to be able to make it through the exam.  Read More
JM, Texas
"[The Intensive] was literally a haven of hope and offered us a place to turn when we believed we had no options. I was truly impressed by how you conducted the intensive and how you instilled in us a hope for the future and gave concrete ways to accomplish it. I am very grateful for all you have done for us, I felt validated, I felt heard, I felt worthy, thank you."
EP, Texas
"Disclosure seemed to be our low but over next two days we got built up again on a foundation of trust. [The Intensive was an] emotional roller coaster. Very scared and anxious but left with a quiet confidence that I could make this work." 
FP, Texas

"[The Intensive] was a grueling three days, but it was positive encouragement that our life can get better. I appreciated having my perspectives heard and not discounted. I felt affirmed & encouraged. I was able to share some things that were not appropriate to share with anyone else and it was good to receive some education on the disease and some tools to enable recovery. It was a good introduction ... Read More
BF, Texas
"[The Intensive] was not what I expected but in a good way. It was intense, healing, freeing, practical, draining. But when we left there we had direction to stay in recovery and a lot of healing had taken place. Dr. Magness has truly found his calling in life. He was real, knowledgeable, compassionate, and approachable. I feel very blessed that my husband and I were able to participate in this process with him."
LO, Texas
"[The Intensive was] intense, shocking, gut wrenching, difficult, GREAT!! The anesthetic that we applied to my wife's wounds were immediate and effective. I have not seen her this happy in a long time. I am experiencing happiness like I have not known before. Honestly - I don't ever recall being this content and confident. I am fully enjoying the peacefulness of a quiet and clean conscience. She is joyful. I understand that the relief from her pain is ... Read More
AG, Texas
"This is a complete new beginning for me, to start fresh with [my wife] as a man of integrity, a person who has no reason to lie and manipulate. It so liberating to have that black weight of sin and guilt off me through writing and speaking my deeds to [my wife] and you. I look forward to follow-up session with you. I will have had extended opportunities to use the tools you taught me. I will have spent much time one-on-one with [my wife]. The follow up will be quite positive."
RF, Texas
"It was about as intense as I expected it would be. I was surprised by how comfortable we both felt discussing some very personal and emotional information while never feeling shameful that you were there as a witness to our process.  
We are both so grateful for all you helped us accomplish over our three days with you. [My husband] had a lot of realizations about the additional things he needs to do for recovery. I especially appreciate how Gently ... Read More
BG, Texas
"I liked the format of the intensive. I also liked how I felt the Intensive was tailored to our specific needs.  WOW! I was not sure going into the intensive whether it was the right time for us to do it as I had only been attending the men's meetings for two months. After attending the Intensive, I knew that it was time to get everything out in the open so we can move forward with my life and my marriage.  I just want to thank you for your commitment to serving ... Read More
KD, Texas
"[The Intensive] was a method to allow my husband and I to receive tools to begin the recovery process both individually and as a couple. It allowed each of us to understand where each other is coming from better.  I can honestly say that we have been dealing with this problem for the 7 years we have been married and this is the first time I feel hopeful about things changing and recovery taking place. Thank you for that!"
MT, Texas
"I want you to know I cannot thank God enough for leading us to you. We have made a lot of progress since the Intensive with you. I had my doubts, but I will tell you my husband is a changed man. I could not have ever imagined I would ever feel this way toward him again. I am totally in love with him, just like back in 1975. It is unbelievable how we have come back together. You were right, the marriage can be better than it ever was. I see that he really is the ... Read More
MP, Texas
"The parts of the Intensive that are most beneficial to us are the techniques that allow us to counteract negative and counterproductive thought patterns. Likewise, and equally important are the intimacy exercises we learned that will help enable us to reinvent and reestablish intimacy in a deeper and more meaningful way. We can sincerely say without reservation or hesitation there were no parts of the Intensive we found less beneficial than the others.  Read More
AR, Texas
"My wife, and I came to see you in a 3-day intensive one year ago. I would like to give you an update on us, and thank you for your help. The intensive gave us a starting point to build a new relationship, and marriage. At the time I did not agree with the polygraph, but what I realized after was I had never been honest in my entire life. Your intensive, and polygraph forced me to be honest. It allowed my wife to know what she was truly dealing with, and it ... Read More
MW, Texas
"The overall flow worked very well. Seemed to be very intentional and well-planned. Knowing the truth/disclosure & polygraph was freeing. Having another man speak wisdom and discuss the sexual acting out and its serious consequences with my husband was invaluable. Dr. Magness' candor and forthrightness in speaking the truth to both of us no matter how hard it was to hear helped a lot.  Read More
SK, Texas

"Thank you, Dr. Magness. Your approach to SA treatment is a major contribution to the world. I was telling a group of guys during fellowship at the recent SAA retreat about how much I respect your process. I gave my story at the Saturday night meeting and let everyone know that my relationship with my wife is better than it has ever been. Thank you so much for your role in that. The first time I saw ... Read More
DC, Texas

"My wife and I feel like we experienced a weekend nothing short of a miracle. We are still both processing a lot, it’s all so fresh. I’m expecting the ups and downs in the future which make me tense. But, it’s the TRUTH! I still cannot get over the idea that my wife knows every secret I’ve ever held close. Also, I’m just looking at my wife like never before; with love that words cannot explain."
JB, Texas

"The most helpful part of this was the fact I only think about myself. That I am the most selfish individual in the world. I hate what I have done, who I have done it to and have harmed the ones that have loved me the most.  What was it like? Tough, so hard. To see the pain I caused my wife. To see the hurt in her face the tears, the fact she can't eat or sleep, the fact she has to take meds to survive right now. I have killed my wife and I pray that God will ... Read More
SG, Texas
"Your specific advice and direction to me on how and what I need[ed] to plan for if our relationship doesn't survive this. Your ability to think thru everything for me was a huge help. Going through the shock and trauma of everything has tapped all of my emotional and brain sources. I did not (and still don't) have the ability to completely rely on my clear thinking. I trust[ed] your advice, expertise and instruction fully. I need someone to tell me what my next step is. Read More
MG, Texas
"What was most helpful for me was walking me through what to expect after and the aftercare plan. I think Dr. Magness has a very thorough program that can help all those who are committed to recovery. It was very hard and emotionally draining. To get a real understanding of the pain I created, is very humbling. I feel like the new starting point after the disclosure was good for me …"
JG, Texas

"Today is marked as a day of Independence and Freedom, given to us through our forefathers [received on July 4th]. I am also seeing every day as a day of freedom, given to me through you and others who have helped me see the light of God’s love. I honor you and your ministry and thank my Father for blessing me with His grace and mercy. Thank you so much!"
SH, Texas

"The disclosure was painful and exhausting, but totally necessary for my recovery and my wife's healing. Without it I would have never realize the depth of my addiction. The total state of out of control that I was living was not apparent to me until I was forced to write down every detail. While preparing my disclosure I thought about changing my mind many times and not following through. But I chose to trust the process. The process is proven and I am ... Read More
GP, Texas
"I believe it has been four years since our intensive. The Three-Day Intensive was the most difficult three days of my life. I could never imagine how extremely difficult it would be to tell my wife about my infidelity and many failures through the months leading up to the Intensive and yet, Dr. Magness made it possible through his therapeutic and professional care. Dr. Magness created an environment of support both for my wife and I as he prepared both of us for ... Read More
JF, Virginia
"How could I ever express my eternal gratitude to you for your support, guidance and understanding. This past weekend was a life changing experience for me. I can only speak for myself and tell you that you had opened my eyes to a life that I thought I would never have. You gave me the tools to start healing and recovering. I have a long road ahead of me, making amends with my past, forgiving my present and rebuilding my future.  Read More
SW, Virginia
"The intensive was very productive for me. I found that I was able to reconnect with journaling and reading. I slept well because for the first time in a long time I knew my husband was right beside me and not acting out. It was a very safe feeling. The process was exhausting mentally and emotionally, however that created the environment to have a productive process. I felt that the intensive is set up with a very structured process and communication was excellent. Read More
TB, Virginia
"It was life-changing for me. I got rid of my double life. No more lies from here on nothing but the truth. It was also scary, full of guilt, shame, but I was able to get in touch with my feelings--something I had never done before. I learned to communicate better with my wife. I know now that recovery is the medicine that I need and I need to take it every day."
JA, Virginia

"The thing I found most helpful was all the validation--that my husband is a good man, that staying with him doesn't make me a fool, that I wasn't crazy and that there are others like us. I also was relieved to hear a professional tell me that it wasn't my fault, I didn't cause this and that it wasn't about me. Having someone in authority who knew us and who knew my husband’s story really helped me.  Read More
LC, Virginia
"It was surreal in some ways...but mainly it was such a powerful and emotional journey through [my husband’s] life, his challenges, then my pain and hurt...and then it was a wonderful pathway out of the pain and hurt-- how i could begin to heal and how our marriage and our life together could be not only salvaged but also enhanced and improved in ways we couldn't imagine. I left feeling very ... Read More
TB, Virginia
"The three-day intensive was exceptionally good, very healing, and very necessary. I don't know where we would be without it. We loved it, and benefited from it tremendously. It was terrific and very effective. Thanks for all your help."
SF, Virginia

"It was one of the most difficult three days in my life. I experienced joy, sadness, anger, hurt, despair, embarrassment, and laughter. It was one of the lowest days in my life and yet it was a powerful and wonderful experience. It helped me build trust in my wife, and trust in general, because I really had to trust that Dr. Magness knew what he was doing. I was glad to go to the twelve ... Read More
RC, Virginia
"In just a few words, it was very, very difficult, and in parts depressing and very sad. It was also very positive and very, very helpful in setting the tone for re-installing honesty and integrity to our relationship."
RH, Virginia

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to see myself more clearly and to develop a plan for transforming my life."
SG, Virginia

"For us the Three-Day Intensive was powerful, meaningful, helpful, exhausting, and full of lessons to carry with us on this journey. The intensive was a good way for us to really take a look at our marriage, not just since the [sex addiction], but our entire marriage. Even though it was a very stressful three days, it was a great way for us to spend three days totally connected to each other and ... Read More
LL, Virginia
"Very, difficult; a metamorphosis from beginning to end. But in the end empowering. Kind of like natural child birth, but extremely more painful and traumatic. I came in Thursday in so much pain; it felt unbearable. It got worse day 1-2, but by day 3 after the disclosure and polygraph it was better because I was given hope and dignity that let me have confidence that I will eventually heal. Your compassion ... Read More
JK, Virginia
"The entire 3 days were so incredibly helpful…. The fact that you could convey to [my husband] my feelings … was probably much better received coming from a 3rd party. I was pretty nervous going into the 3 days. I thought I would break down and cry throughout the whole disclosure part. I knew there would be more than I wanted to hear, but when it was done - I was more numb, overwhelmed ... Read More
SM, Virginia
"An incredible mix of relief and angst. I knew it was going to be rough and I am relatively sure that there is no way I could describe that to anyone. Bottom line, I felt like going in that if we had a shot at saving our marriage, this is the way to do [that] and now that I have done it, I believe it even more. This is the shot -- you have to work it exactly as Dr. Magness tells you and I believe ... Read More
RM, Virginia
"For me it was a God send--literally. The disclosure/polygraph lifted a huge burden off of me. It gave me such hope knowing we were starting from a clean slate (after the polygraph). I was more willing to give of myself after it. It's hard to explain, but the intensive although extremely difficult (emotionally) gave us such hope…. I'm still excited. I thought I might "come down" ... Read More
LS, Virginia
"It was a gut-wrenching, exhausting experience that was necessary to start the healing process for me personally and hopefully for my marriage. I have the tools and information to begin recovery. I am thankful to have the truth so that I can process and heal from the trauma that has happened to me… Thank you Dr. Magness for putting together an amazing program where we can begin to heal separately and as a couple."  GN, Virginia
"I think I already shared with you my feelings for the most part, however it was life changing for me. You have incorporated all the things a woman needs and all the things the addict needs into a perfectly timed 3 day experience. It was neither too long nor too short. You addressed all of our individual concerns and made us both feel very comfortable in a situation that is anything but comfortable. Read More
BT, Virginia
"It was an opportunity to purge, deal and heal. It was the last stop on the bus for me but became a source of hope and new beginning."
CS, Virginia

"For me personally I thought two specific aspects of the intensive were most helpful. First, the controlled disclosure and subsequent polygraph test were probably the most helpful aspect of the intensive. Although very painful and difficult, the disclosure and polygraph was an important step forward towards reestablishing honesty, trust and hope for my relationship with Stacey. The second most ... Read More
WZ, Virginia
"The most helpful things to me were polygraph, individual sessions, & disclosure. Did I mention the polygraph! 
This was the most painful experience of my life, but also the most necessary for the survival of our marriage, the beginning of recovery for my husband, and the beginning of healing for me. I liken it to open heart surgery without anesthesia. The disclosure was something that had to be ... Read More
MB, Washington
"Most helpful for me were the routines you set in place for journaling, Intimacy exercise, Recovery Night, Recovery points and tacking, and the rules for sexual intimacy. The disclosure combined with polygraph was essential. The teaching, modeling and expectation that my husband lead, make recovery a way of life, and protect me have made me feel safe. My husband has become a gentleman ... Read More
CR, Washington
"I want to take a moment to personally thank you for assisting with the most difficult task of my life so far. I truly never believed that my integrity would ever be restored. I had resigned myself to the fact that "I just didn't have it in me" to do what was necessary. While it has also proven to be the most painful experience of my 30 years of marriage, I also think it was the only hope we have of ... Read More
GM, Washington
"The Intensive was like a Clorox enema: pretty painful but I felt incredibly clean after it was done.  I can't begin to express how good this has been for me. lucky you didn't ask for this evaluation on day 2! It was the only thing that has ever helped me to come clean for my entire life including secrets from my childhood I never shared."
GM, Washington

"It was hard! I learned a lot about myself. I came away with hope that [my wife] and I can love each other again. I don't have to fall back into my old way of doing things. I can stay sober for the rest of my life! I actually believe this. I know it won't just happen but if I work at my recovery, it will."
MR, Washington

"I was going through my files looking for something and came across and old file. It was my notes on my Intensive session with you in 2008. It filled me with gratitude for all you did for me and [my wife]. It is hard to believe all that God has done in my life since that time. I just wanted to say thank you for the path you set me on. While we only did one follow-up session with you and I thought ... Read More
MR, Washington
"Dr. Magness, I just wanted to thank you again for the profound awakening you provided for me this last weekend. I just remember telling [my wife] what a deep sense of loss I felt as we drove away Sunday afternoon, I just wanted to keep going on our progress. Your work has changed us forever and given me such hope and freedom. Your work is important and I will never forget it.  Read More
RN, Wisconsin
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