Real Hope, True Freedom

"What helped me most were the tools that you gave to fight intrusive thoughts and other external triggers. 
The days we spent together made me start to focus on exactly how I was feeling instead of ignoring my feelings."
BE, Texas

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Sex addiction can be profoundly difficult to face. It destroys relationships, marriages, families, and careers. Anyone afflicted with sex addiction, as well as the people who love them, will find invaluable assistance in this essential guide that is filled with in-depth information and delivered with deep understanding and compassion.

I'm proud to announce my new book Real Hope, True Freedom with renowned partner expert Marsha Means. Together we have given specific answers to more than 160 of the most pressing questions concerning sex addiction. These questions were selected from more than 4,000 questions submitted by therapists, sex addicts, and partners, about the most important things people wanted to know about sex addiction.

Written in an FAQ format, readers can quickly zero in on the questions that concern them most and then go back and read the book from cover to cover.

An important addition to this book are the stories of couples who have successfully navigated recovery together and have seen their relationship not only survive but thrive.
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Real Hope, True Freedom: Understanding and Coping With Sex Addiction Book
Dr. Milton Magness & Marsha Means

what others have said about "Real Hope, True Freedom"

“Dr. Milton Magness and Marsha Means’s new book, Real Hope, True Freedom: Understanding and Coping with Sex Addiction, provides an important resource for individuals and families caught in the snares of sexual addiction. Rich with examples taken from the lives of addicts and their families, supported by the latest scientific research, attentive to the role of faith and spirituality in recovery, and organized through a series of candid and frequently asked questions from those living with sex addiction, this book is essential material for a wide range of readers, from sex addicts themselves, to their spouses and families, to those in the pastoral and counseling professions who seek accessible resources for their congregants and clients. Ultimately, because this book offers understanding and insight into an often unspoken yet epidemic addiction in our society, the reader discovers that real hope and true freedom can come from breaking the cycle of addiction and committing to a disciplined and lifelong recovery process.”

“In Real Hope, True Freedom, Milton S. Magness and Marsha Means provide an incredibly balanced, state-of-the-art book that enriches the field of sex addiction. Therapists, clergy, and clients are given brain research, in addition to helpful tools for spiritual and sexual health, and recovery models that are very practical.”

Ralph H. Earle, MDiv, PhD
Author, President and Founder, Psychological Counseling Services

“There is a tremendous amount of useful information in Real Hope, True Freedom, much of it presented in Q&A format—questions posed by individuals dealing with their own or a loved one’s sexual addiction, and answered by the authors. As such, the book can be read start-to-finish, or piecemeal as questions arise, allowing individuals with pressing issues to find an immediate answer before looking at sex addiction as a whole or at topics that may be more secondary to them. Though Magness and Means are Christian-based in their approach, the material in this book applies equally to pretty much anyone dealing with sex addiction, regardless of his or her belief system.”

“No question we live in a sexually saturated culture. This has contributed to many problems and aided the deterioration of our homes and lives. What God has intended as something beautiful, man has tangled into a mess. Dr. Magness is an expert in helping to untie these knots. As you read this book allow him to guide you on the path to purity and clarity.”

“Milton and his co-author Marsha take sex addiction beyond telling the world that sex addiction is a treatable problem. The book’s power lies in identifying real client questions that appear in treatment and then answering them in a language both therapist and client can learn from. Well done.”

“Is there hope? Absolutely! Magness and Means provide much-needed answers to the tough questions every sex addict and partner ask in the early stages of discovery, disclosure, treatment, and recovery. Real Hope, True Freedom is an essential guidebook on the path to healing and wholeness.”

Vicki Tidwell Palmer, LCSW
Author, Moving Beyond Betrayal: The 5-Step Boundary Solution for Partners of Sex Addicts
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