sex addiction treatment resources

Center for Healthy Sex, Alexandra Katehakis, MFT, CSAT, CST
Center for Healthy Sex located in Beverly Hills, CA offers a sex addiction blog for therapists in Beverly Hills, California.

Healthy Mind offers help with sex addiction and offers an online resource to get started in recovery.  

Dr. Patrick Carnes is a researcher and author, widely regarded as the foremost authority on sex addiction. 

Offers one to three week intensives that have a heavy focus on individual therapy. PCS specializes in difficult cases and offers a wide range of tools for individuals and couples.  

organizations & associations

Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)
The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health web site Includes a listing of therapists and treatment providers who treat compulsive sexual behavior.

Promise Keepers is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to introducing men to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord; and then helping them to grow as Christians.
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