iRecovery: Addiction Recovery App

Free iRecovery Addiction Recovery App for Android  & Apple
"I'm so gratified that your new app is out. Your old app helped save my life and I'm looking forward to seeing your new one. I'm a recovery coach now and plan to write about your new app on my site. Thank you!"
RS, California

Track your recovery from any addiction using a point system for standard recovery activities. You have the ability to set up your sobriety plan and also your accountability circle that you can contact individually or as a group. 

When iRecovery was first released in May of 2010, to my knowledge it was the only recovery tracking app available.  It continues to be used by thousands in recovery throughout the world.

Features in this newly released version include:
  • It's entirely free to use
  • Tracking of your progress in your recovery for all addictions including, sex, love, porn, alcohol, drugs and compulsive gambling
  • Assignment of a point value to typical recovery activities
  • Your ability to customize the app to add activities that are not pre-populated
  • It follows the Recovery Points System ™ that has been in use since 2009
  • Provides a user-defined sobriety plan, customizable to fit your lifestyle
  • Connects with user-defined accountability circle and provides you with the opportunity to contact individuals or the whole circle
  • You may password protect your sensitive information to ensure your privacy
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