"i Must Heal" from Hope & Freedom U

"As you know, we have been in counseling for five years prior to the Intensive, have had a disclosure (w/o polygraph) and have been doing a lot of these things unsuccessfully. A lot of the emotional abuse I have been suffering could have been eliminated if the first disclosure had been polygraphed. I believe [my husband] has an understanding now of the damage this has caused on my emotional and physical health. Not wondering anymore, having assignments at home to continue the process, ...

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i Must Heal is your 30-Week Solution, as a wounded partner, available as a 30-Week online course!

i MUST HEAL gives you a road map to healing and wholeness!  Have you ever wished there was a way to heal from in your own home that was both affordable and effective?  During the next 30 weeks, you can experience healing with this 3-DVD set.
You will receive:
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • A roadmap to healing and wholeness
  • Invaluable training in a program that has been used successfully around the world
  • The tools you need to move forward with your life
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