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"It [the Intensive] was an extraordinary experience; very draining emotionally and physically. It certainly affected a change in thinking and processing of information. I had a great impact from the teaching of Dr Magness, it was a great change from day 1 to day 3." RG, California
i Can STOP is your 30-Day Solution to Sex Addiction, available as an online recovery video course!

Your recovery and sobriety from all destructive sexual behavior begins now!  Have you ever wished there was a way to do recovery from sexual addiction in your own home that was both affordable and effective? During the next 30 days, you can experience complete freedom from all acting out behaviors with this 3-DVD set!
You will learn:
  • How sex addiction got a hold on you and how to get free
  • Numerous tools for dealing with intrusive thoughts and visual threats
  • How to utilize the Recovery Points System (very effective in preventing relapse)
  • How to live permanently in freedom
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"Most helpful was being able to understand visually and emotionally that [my wife] is wounded and how to deal with it. Preparing beforehand the disclosure and knowing that there would be a polygraph. Knowing that [my wife] was being taken care of during the three days. Leaving with a recovery plan that was both individual and as a couple. For the first time in my life all my secrets are out in the open. It allows me to start with a clean slate. It recognizes my partner as a trauma victim and not ...

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Dear Dr. Magness,

I am writing this email to you to thank you for your online program and the 30 Days book. I completed the program on Wednesday. It was a great opportunity for me to learn more about my addiction and to start my recovery journey.

It was a great opportunity for me and because:
1- I got introduced to SAA tele-meetings
2- I have a sponsor who is helping me doing the Steps
3- I pray all the 5 prayers in the mosque daily
4- I meditate daily
5- I workout
6- I practice controlling intrusive thoughts techniques
7- I take care of myself and go to doctors more frequently, and most importantly
8- I feel I am closer to God.

I have been sober for the past 32 days, thanks to God who has helped me be so. I will continue on my plan to make recovery my lifestyle. Finally, I want to thank you very much for the great program and the wonderful book.

F, Saudi Arabia
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