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"Exhausting, life-changing, marriage-saving: a vital road map to beginning our recovery, so that in the end the exhaustion was secondary to everything that gave us back the air I needed to breath and the belief that we could survive. We would not be where we are today without it. I cannot recommend it more highly and would encourage any couple in our position to put aside everything in order to attend. Where ever you live in the world, Hope & Freedom is the place to head for when sexual addiction ...

high-profile professionals and executives in crisis

You may be an executive, a professional athlete, a politician, an entertainer, an actor, a well known physician, or a broadcast personality. Everywhere you go, people recognize you. You are a celebrity! And you are not immune to having a problem with compulsive sexual behavior!

At Hope & Freedom Counseling Services, we specialize in working with high-profile clients. We offer exclusive Three-Day Intensives allowing us to work together during an intensive period at a discrete location in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. As a high-profile client, you be assured of an added level of anonymity offered by doing an Intensive in the Canadian Rockies. 

alone at the top

Your life is not like that of most other people. When it comes to achievements, few others come close to what you have accomplished. In fact, you may have achieved more before age 30 than most people achieve in a lifetime.  While a lot of people are dreaming about someday making a six figure income, your income has passed that many times over. You have have not only achieved the seven figure mark but you may have gone far beyond it.

You can own anything you want. Nothing is unreachable. And for a while, possessions and power were enough to make you feel good about yourself. Then you started to think about how different you are from ordinary people.

If you are a high-profile person seeking discreet, highly effective treatment for sex addiction, you can be assured that Three-Day Intensives offered by Hope & Freedom can help. This Intensive is excellent for any high-profile person including senior executives, professional athletes, politicians, actors, broadcast personalities, and other celebrities.
harmless recreation?

Because you work so hard, have achieved so much, and are different than most people, you may have decided to indulge in some seemingly harmless recreation like cybersex or even casual sexual relationships. You deserve it, right? After all, you have earned a little indulgence and that will not harm anyone. And you can stop any time you want--or so you thought.

Unfortunatey, compulsive sexual behavior—also known as sex addiction—quickly becomes disruptive to life, career, and other relationships. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to be able to stop the destructive behavior.

Complicating your problems is the fact that your position in the public eye makes it difficult to address recovery like other people. You feel you cannot go to 12-step meetings without the whole world knowing. Your prominence has made traditional recovery virtually impossible for you.

The focus of this Intensive is on:
  • Understanding the origins of your addiction
  • Establishing a foundation for continued recovery
  • Learning the tools of recovery
  • Examining the celebrity, executive psyche
  • Boundary issues for celebrities, executives
  • Minimizing damage caused by past sexual acting out
  • Safe business travel
  • Integrating recovery routines into your family life and relationships
  • Establishing intimacy on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level
  • Preventing relapse
  • Developing a Personal Recovery Plan
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    high-profile, executive, celebritysex addiction intensives

Your Intensive is offered at a discreet location in the Canadian Rockies or at a resort setting in the United States. Call our office at 713.630.0111 for more information.

A Special Note to Celebrities

We make every effort to guard your privacy. If you prefer, we will work directly with your agent in making all arrangements. In some cases, we may not even know the identity of the client until we begin the Three-Day Intensive. Our desire is to give you the opportunity to complete your Intensive with a maximum of privacy, away from prying eyes. There are numerous precautions that we take to insure your complete anonymity.


We typically have voice mail answer all calls. In order to have quicker contact with us you may send at email using this link. In order to verify your identity we will need your phone number and your website. It is not necessary to divulge the identity of your client at this time, but we do want to know this is a legitimate inquiry.
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