couple's sex addiction intensives

"For me personally I thought two specific aspects of the intensive were most helpful. First, the controlled disclosure and subsequent polygraph test were probably the most helpful aspect of the intensive. Although very painful and difficult, the disclosure and polygraph was an important step forward towards reestablishing honesty, trust and hope for my relationship with [my wife]. The second most helpful aspect of the intensive were the tools and guidance you provided me regarding my recovery and ...

your recovery from sex addiction starts today!

Sex addiction need not bring an end to your marriage. If there is a willingness on the part of you and your partner to give yourselves wholeheartedly to the recovery process, we believe that most marriages not only survive but thrive in recovery. Our treatment process is unique from others in that a stated goal of our process is to restore the marriage relationship.

We offer a very limited number of spaces available for intensives. If you are married, we consider you for an Intensive, only if you come and work as a couple. As stated above, a major focus of our work is on seeing relationships restored. We cannot do that unless we have both partners present.

The following Three-Day Couple’s Sex Addiction Intensives are offered through Hope & Freedom Counseling Services. The exact content of your Intensive is tailored to your specific needs. 

sex addiction recovery foundation for couples

The focus of the Sex Addiction Recovery Foundation Intensive for Couples is to lay a foundation for restoring trust in relationships rocked by sex addiction by accomplishing the following:.
  • Understanding the origins of your addiction
  • Establishing a foundation for your continued recovery
  • Integrating recovery routines into your relationship as a couple
  • Reestablishing trust in your relationship
  • Establishing intimacy between the two of you on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level
  • Preventing relapse
  • Developing a Personal Recovery Plan

sex addiction restoration intensive for couples

The Sex Addiction Restoration Intensive for Couples is structured for couples where the client has been in recovery for some time but has had a slip or a relapse. We focus on accomplishing the following:
  • Learning from your relapse (Postmortem of relapse)
  • Focusing on current crises in your relationship
  • Reestablishing trust in your relationship
  • Preventing a future relapse
  • Developing a Personal Recovery Plan

trauma survivors intensive 
for couples

The Trauma Survivors Intensive for Couples is designed for couples where one or both partners have experienced significant trauma in the past. The trauma may be as far back as childhood or as recent as trauma that has resulted from current sexual acting out. Tasks that we accomplish during this Intensive include: 
  • Focusing on the impact of trauma on your daily life
  • Understanding the impact of trauma on your current or past relationships
  • Developing a Personal Recovery Plan

couples communication 

The Couples Communication Intensive offered is open only to couples who have already done significant work in recovery or where sex addiction is not a factor. For couples in recovery, prerequisites to this Intensive include a complete disclosure and the establishment of a period of unbroken sobriety. The material for this Intensive draws heavily on the work of Pia Mellody and Terry Real. The Intensive focuses on the following:
  • Identifying healthy boundaries around talking and listening
  • Learning core self-skills and relationship skills
  • Recognizing losing strategies in a relationship
  • Establishing a “Fair Fight Contract”
  • Learning the core negative image of self and partner and understanding the relationship grid
  • Understanding emotions in your relationship
  • Working through real-life issues

recovery for you as partner of a sex addict

"It was a wonderful experience. Very emotional, extremely exhausting (mostly emotionally), and very helpful in identifying my own personal recovery needs. It was also extremely enlightening for me [in] regard to my husband's recovery needs. In previous counseling experiences I have been left out of my husband's recovery completely. Being involved and understanding his recovery process helped me feel closer to him ... This was a turning point in my own journey."  RM, Arizona
During the Intensive, a significant part of our work will be with you. Initially, the work will be helping you deal with the trauma that you have experienced due to your partner’s acting out. Additional work with you will center on helping you define, develop, and maintain healthy boundaries, empowering you within the relationship, determining what you need to feel safe in the relationship, and helping you develop a long-term plan for taking care of yourself. 

We will also lead you in a process that is designed to lay a foundation upon which trust can be rebuilt. A significant focus of our intensives also includes developing intimacy on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Part of our focus on the last day of the intensive is on the subject of healthy sexuality, how to move toward it and embrace it.

other Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioners (CHFPs)

Are you looking for a Three-Day Intensive closer to home? Hope & Freedom recognizes the need for highly qualified therapists specializing in sex addiction and trains and certifies a limited number of licensed therapists each year, enabling us to provide a broader reach of qualified practitioners. The therapists who have obtained the Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioner (CHFP) designation have distinguished themselves as outstanding clinicians. Please visit our Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioner page for more information.
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