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"I walked in to the intensive convinced I was going to get the tools needed to stop being lazy, and really start working on the relationship as a unit. What I didn't realize was how much I was going to change! I thought that I had put a decent amount of thought into my disclosure, and by the end of the first day, I realized that I had put about the same amount of effort into my sexual history that I did in trying to remain sober for the last two months! Working with Dr. Magness and editing my disclosure was ...

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Couples Recovery Kit | Dr. Milton Magness, Founder, Hope & Freedom Counseling, Intensives
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The Couple's Recovery Kit is a unique opportunity for you and your partner to begin the process of healing and establishing trust; recovery can begin for you, starting today!

What is Included:
  • 2 copies of Dr. Milton's book: Stop Sex Addiction: Real Hope, True Freedom for Sex Addicts and Partners
  • 1 copy of Thirty Days to Hope & Freedom from Sex Addiction
  • i can Stop: The 30-Day Solution to Sex Addiction (30 video, 3 DVD set)
  • i must Heal: The 30-Week Recovery Program for the wounded partner (30 video, 3 DVD set)
Both you and your partner receive a copy of Stop Sex Addiction, so you may go at your own pace and mark and highlight your copy as you wish.  This book sets the stage for the recovery for you and your partner, both individually and as a couple.  You, as a couple, also receive:
  • Daily Intimacy Building exercises
  • Weekly FASTT Check-in to keep partner apprised of recovery
  • Weekly Recovery Night

for the sex addict

  • Your Couples Recovery Kit leads you through a comprehensive understanding of your recovery
  • This course focuses on the practical information necessary to produce life-long sexual sobriety
  • You will learn how to master multiple, effective tools effective in dealing intrusive thoughts
  • Your kit leads you in setting up a solid, personal recovery plan, taking you on a journey designed to result in continuous long-term sobriety
  • This course helps you guard against relapse by leading to a balanced recovery program
  • If you've suffered a recent relapse, this course can get you back on track
  • This course is a very intensive 30 day program concentrating on getting the foundation of recovery right
  • Your Couples Recovery Kit includes daily videos, augmented by the Thirty Day workbook

for the partner

  • Healing from the trauma caused by the sex addict's behavior takes time. The journey is not quick but it does need structure. The i Must Heal course provides that structure
  • You are lead on a journey designed to bring healing from wounds caused by being in relationship with a sex addict
  • This journey includes 30 videos and multiple worksheets that you work over a 30-week period.
  • This course is designed to help you, as a wounded partner, make sustained, incremental improvement
  • You will learn from the combined wisdom of more than 100 partners who have shared what has helped and hindered both their healing and the restoration of trust
  • While working the course, you will not only learn how to heal but will gain understanding about sex addiction, help set healthy boundaries, and explore the subject of moving toward a healthier sexual life
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