clergy sex addiction intensive

Have you violated professional boundaries by being 
sexual with parishioners or staff? 
Do you find yourself spending hours on the Internet engaged in cybersex activities? 
Has your behavior become increasingly risky so that you are now at risk of losing your ministry, career, health, relationship, marriage, and/or family? 
No doubt you have made vows to God and
tried a number of spiritual disciplines to stop your behavior.  How has that worked for you? 

wounded clergy

you are not immune

As a member of the clergy, you are not immune to sex addiction or compulsive sexual behavior.  You have been able to handle (almost) everything life has thrown at you, including:
  • Seminary
  • Establishing your ministry
  • Becoming a leader in the community and perhaps your denomination
Perhaps it started with curiosity or boredom.  Maybe you decided to reward yourself for the long hours that you work or because of the success that you have achieved.  It could be that you just wanted a little bit of stress relief and who could blame you for just wanting the stress easier to manage? Regardless of how it started, life now seems out of control.

If you are not pleased with your own efforts to stop your compulsive sexual behavior, we invite you to consider our Three-Day Clergy Sex Addiction Intensives where we have successfully treated many wounded clergy for whom life had become unmanageable. Compulsive sexual behavior does not have to rule your life anymore! You can stop your destructive behavior, regain your integrity and put an end to the Jekyll/Hyde life that is destroying everything you count precious.

our focus includes:

  • Understanding the origins of your addiction
  • Establishing a foundation for your continued recovery
  • Learning the tools of recovery
  • Establishing pastoral counseling procedures to better protect you in your role as minister
  • Examining the special considerations involving your sex life as a minister
  • Dealing with religious misinformation about sex
  • Coping with sexual taboos
  • Resolving boundary issues as they relate to you and your parishioners
  • Dealing with shame
  • Reestablishing spiritual disciplines
  • Integrating recovery routines into your family life and relationships
  • Creating simple steps to becoming the true spiritual leader of your home
  • Preventing relapse
  • Developing a Personal Recovery Plan
  • Examining the viability of future ministry  
If your sexual behavior is not compulsive and is not causing problems in your life, then you do not need our services. But if your life feels out-of-control or if you have tried to stop your destructive behavior but have been unsuccessful, then we invite you to take a step toward Hope & Freedom.

pastors & pornography

  • In a Christianity Today survey, 33% of clergy admitted to having visited a sexually explicit web site. Of those who had visited a porn site, 53% had visited such sites “a few times” in the past year, and 18% visit sexually explicit sites between a couple of times a month and more than once a week.
  • 51% of pastors say cyber-porn is a possible temptation. 37% say it is a current struggle (Christianity Today, Leadership Survey).
  • A survey conducted by Leadership magazine, showed that 40% of pastors have visited a pornographic Internet site, with over 33% doing so within the last 12 months. 
  • 75% of pastors do not make themselves accountable to anyone for their Internet use. Survey by Leadership magazine with 564 respondents: Pastors and Internet Pornography.
  • Almost one in seven calls to Focus on the Family's Pastoral Care Hot Line dealt with Internet pornography. Focus on the Family's website may be found at:
  • In a survey conducted of Southern Baptist pastors, 14.1% confessed to “sexual behavior inappropriate to a minister.” CT Magazine, “Sexual Abuse in Churches Not Limited to Clergy” by Mary Cagney.
  • A survey sponsored by the Fuller Institute of Church Growth revealed that 37% of the pastors surveyed confessed to having been involved in “inappropriate sexual behavior with someone in the church.” Printed by H. B. London, Jr., and Neil B Wiseman, Pastors at Risk, Wheaton: Victor, page 22.
  • Out of 81 pastors surveyed (74 males 7 female), 98% had been exposed to porn; 43% intentionally accessed a sexually explicit website. National Coalition survey of pastors, Seattle.
  • Rick Warren’s (author of the book, Purpose Driven Life) website conducted a survey on porn use of 1351 pastors: 54% of the pastors had viewed Internet pornography within the last year, and 30% of these had visited within the last 30 days.
three-day intensive application
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