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"[The Intensive was] incredibly painful, yet crucial for healing for myself, and for our marriage. I relate it to the necessary debridement of a dirty wound. You must remove the dirt and dead tissue for healing to begin. It was more painful than I could have imagined, yet I cherish the pain itself as a warning to do whatever I must to never go there again. Thanks so much for your time, insights, wisdom, advice and most of all, renewed hope."  CR, Michigan

celebrities in crisis

We are aware that, as a celebrity, you face unimaginable intrusions into your private life, and experience the effects, both personally and professionally, of constant scrutiny of your life and behavior in print and across the Internet.  We are also intimately aware for the need of specialized care that you may require in treating compulsive sexual behavior and the need for expeditious results.

At Hope & Freedom Counseling Services, we specialize in working with celebrity clientele.  We offer exclusive Three-Day Intensives for allowing us to work together at a discrete location, anywhere you are located on the globe, or if you prefer, a discrete location in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.  We strongly recommend that the Intensive not be done in the city in which you reside as we have found that there is great value in getting outside of one's normal routine and traffic pattern in order to concentrate on this unique experience.

As a celebrity you may be assured of the level of anonymity you require and that protocols are in place to ensure your privacy. 

your Intensive is customized at Hope & Freedom

A celebrity lifestyle offers an abundance of opportunity for many unsustainable behaviors, which may include casual sexual relationships.  The disruptions to your life, career and intimate relationships though, may result in negative consequences beyond what you are able to contain.

Complicating your addictive behaviors may be the fact that, as you're in the public eye, addressing and treating your problem is not as easy as it is for most people.  Traditional recovery options like 12-step programs and treatment centers may make your recovery virtually impossible.  We understand all that at Hope & Freedom and have customize your Intensive with the focus on:
  • Understanding the origins of your addiction
  • Establishing a foundation for continued recovery
  • Learning the tools of recovery
  • Examining the celebrity psyche
  • Boundary issues for celebrities
  • Minimizing damage caused by past sexual acting out
  • Safe business travel
  • Integrating recovery routines into your family life and relationships
  • Establishing intimacy on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level
  • Preventing relapse
  • Developing a Personal Recovery Plan
If you are a celebrity seeking discreet, highly effective treatment for sex addiction, in your choice of location, you can be assured that Three-Day Intensives offered by Hope & Freedom can help. 
three-day intensive application

a special note to you as a celebrity client

We make every effort to guard your privacy. If you prefer, we will work directly with your agent in making all arrangements. In some cases, we may not even know the identity of the client until we begin the Three-Day Intensive. Our desire is to give you the opportunity to complete your Intensive with a maximum of privacy, away from prying eyes. There are numerous precautions that we take to insure your complete anonymity.


We typically have voice mail answer all calls. In order to have quicker contact with us you may send an email using this link. In order to verify your identity we will need your phone number and your website. It is not necessary to divulge the identity of your client at this time, but we do want to know this is a legitimate inquiry.
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