addiction freedom meter

Recovery Works! Record the last time you acted out.
(Example: 01/01/2000 or January 01, 2000)

Enter A Date: 

As of now, you have been free from acting out behaviors for


Since you acted out last, your heart has beaten  times.

Congratulations! Breathe a prayer of thanks for the hope you have of staying free from acting out and the freedom you enjoy today.  Few people, if any, do recovery perfectly. For most, recovery has a few “missteps” in the beginning. Some experience a slip or even a relapse. 

Remember, if you have had a slip or a relapse, you have not wasted the work you have done in recovery thus far. You have learned much and hopefully, will learn even more from your mistakes. Return to the calculator often to get a fresh perspective on how long it has been since you have acted out—and give thanks for another day of sobriety!
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