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"This was life transforming for my marriage. I think that while we may not have had the level of severity in terms of our issues as some couples, I was at a point of feeling like we needed something dramatic to get us on track. Your program was certainly that! It was like rebooting a computer, scrubbing it and reinstalling the programs after being infected with a virus." LG, Nevada
Hope & Freedom Counseling Services offers Three-Day Intensives where you and your partner can get a jump-start in recovery from sex addiction. Intensives are also useful if you have been unsuccessful in establishing long-term sobriety or as a step-down treatment when returning from in-patient treatment.

Two words have always been important to me as I have done this work. The first word is hope. From your first day in recovery from sex addiction I assure you, there is hope. I want you to leave my office with a real sense of hope that life can be different. You do not have to continue being involved in incomprehensible and demoralizing behaviors.

The second word is freedom. It is possible for you to live free from the behaviors that have cheapened your life. To be sure, it is not freedom from sex addiction. What we know about addiction is that the propensity to return to the addictive behaviors will always be present. What you can enjoy is freedom within the addiction.

I tell my clients that in their recovery journey they will be able to look at themselves in the mirror and say, “You are a good man,” and know from the bottom of their hearts that those words are true. Negative self-talk that has plagued them since childhood will gradually end and be replaced with healing words that they speak to themselves. I believe recovery is an adventure. And in the end, clients have a much fuller, richer, more meaningful life than they would have had if they had never had any compulsive behaviors to conquer.

In treating compulsive sexual behavior, I am not concerned as to whether or not a man can identify himself as a sex addict. If you have compulsive sexual behavior in your life and are willing to work hard to eliminate it, I am willing to work with you and support you through that process.

Sex addiction is treatable. The question is whether or not a person is ready for treatment. Unfortunately some people seem to have the need to descend lower into addiction and experience greater losses before they are ready to seek help. 

I use a variety of psychotherapy techniques including cognitive-behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, solution-focused therapy, task-centered therapy, and group therapy, as well as other approaches that may fit a given client.  I am unapologetically Christian and always approach the therapy relationship with a pastor’s heart. The focus of the psychotherapy sessions is to assist you and your family in charting a lifelong recovery from sex addiction that includes:
  • Identifying triggers
  • Learning how to set healthy boundaries, and 
  • Living a life that is marked by integrity
In short, the therapy I provide, both through counseling and intensives, is designed to help you reclaim your life and, if you are part of a couple, to reestablish trust with your partner so you can enjoy a joyful and rewarding relationship.    

Dr. Milton Magness
D Min, MA Psy, MA(RE), LPC, CSAT
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